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    Ok, I haven’t made a real progress report on Cylas’ language, motor and people skills in a long time! Just recently I’ve been getting a little nervous about the fact that he can not make a sentence. I listen to other two year olds and they are pointing at animals and naming them! Cylas can only make the sounds of a kitty, dog or monkey but not tell me what their names are. I know that children who are bilingual tend to burst into super children by the time they’re two but…Cy is 19 months and approaching that deadline and my finger nails are bitten down to the nib. His new words are:milk, eat, George(as in Curious George), no, da(yes in russian), gook(for look and book), det(grandpa in Russian)up, down and open. I guess that’s a pretty good list! He can understand equally in Russian and in English. While we were in Pennsylvania visiting David’s family, Cylas did a wonderful job switching between both languages. Some of David’s family recently moved to the States from Kazakhstan and they speak no English at all. It was great that Cylas could understand what they were saying. When he reaches three or four, we’re going to put him into Russian school. There is a large Slavic church in West Sac that has school for all ages every Wednesday night from 7-9pm. I know that Cylas will love it. He’s really good with people. It takes a moment for him to warm up but, once his initial observation stage is over he is on the floor rolling around and tackling! He’s so much fun…(a lot of work but a very good boy!)

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    by Music Eloquence


    Don’t fret! Cylas is perfect… just how God made him. He will develop in his own time. Not every child learns two languages to start out with… think of that. He is such a delight whereas those other children may not be so happy and find joy in mama and papa such as he does. Treasure those things that he can do most of all and praise him frequently.

    I must tell you… Noah crawled forward for the first time tonight. He also stood for a split second on his own several times in the last couple days. He is also teething… when it rains it pours. LOL. I say this because we had just been wondering ourselves, “isn’t it about time for Noah to be crawling?” … and here it goes.

    “In everything give thanks…”
    “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart”…

    Love you.

    Hey Misha, I just found your blog tonight. I must say, it is totally you! Funny and makes me think at the same time! I think Cylas is doing fine. Denae is only one week older, and NOT bilingual, and I don’t think I understand too many of the words she babbles, although, when she wants something, she sure lets us know! She has surpised me recently with a relatively understandable “sentence” or two. I really enjoy watching them all in the nursery together. Cylas enjoys feeding the kids sitting beside him. I have pictures of him feeding Denae. She loves to eat so much that for her, it was twice the food. What’s not to like about that?


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