10 Jan 2008, 10:39pm
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    As Cylas gets older, I notice more behavioristic traits about him. It has come to my attention that he is a very focused little boy. At times, I will find him staring intently at a book or the cover of a dvd case. He really likes color filled pages or surfaces. David has begun art lessons with him(well, I don’t know if they are “lessons” per say, but he is taking time to draw with him). Cylas loves to stand at our kitchen table and make squiggles on the paper with his papa. Next to drawing he really, really, enjoys music. While we were visiting my in-laws, he started to plunk the keys of the piano. He was very gentle and would play only one note at a time. Not once did he bang on the keys, it was almost as if he was playing a song that was in his head! And if music is on he will sing and sway and more often than not I will hear him humming to himself. He really likes it when I hum next to his ear. He will lean on me and we will hum together. He is also very particular about certain toys. They must all be lined up and then taken down one by one. The other outstanding trait that makes me smile every time is his desire to be clean! If his hands are messy, he will not touch anything but walk around looking for a napkin or towel to wipe them on! He will take a wipey and crawl around on the kitchen floor scrubbing and fussing with little microscopic objects that only he can see. Once he finds those little objects he hands them to me and it is then my duty to dispose of them. It’s very important, my job, you see. Also, he is very sensitive to my moods. If I am at all stressed and make little noises, he will immediately copy them! Believe me, that makes me straighten up quickly and re-adjust my attitude he doesn’t let anything escape him. If David and I are play fighting, he gets really upset and cries or comes to save me(this is so sweet). But, if David and I are enjoying a nice snuggle, room MUST be made for him. He will climb and tackle in order to get between us. And then he begins to orchestrate what we do! He will take our necks and push us together so we can kiss…then he will pull us apart and stick himself right in the middle! My little boy is teaching me a lot! His dark, observing eyes are searching my soul constantly…

    11 Jan 2008, 5:00am
    by Music Eloquence


    Awwwww. What an incredible responsibility, huh? It’s so true, his little eyes are learning about your soul, your society, your culture, your attitudes, your spirituality… everything, and all from your interaction with these things. It really makes you stop and think doesn’t it. Your post made me stop and think.

    Sounds like you have a little artist on your hands. That’s so exciting. He has two very talented people to learn from in both of you.

    17 Jan 2008, 10:33pm
    by James Wilder


    There’s WAY too much nudity on your site! What is this world coming to. These photographers that think everything is art. Sheesh! *grin*

    Hey Misha…you make being a momma look fun. I look forward to the day…errr….the day when I’m a DADDY that is.


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