25 Jan 2008, 8:30pm
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    Next to living in a completely different country for one year of my life, I think this next adventure is going to be just as life changing. It’s official. David, Cylas and I are moving away. It’s surreal. I’m in some sort of dream that is threatening to become a nightmare if I let it. But, I keep steering it away from that dark ominous chasm of fear and focusing on the light at the end. We have approximately a month and a half to make sure our belongings are packed and the remains are sold. David is going to drive our furniture, clothing, keepsakes and the like, cross country while Cylas and I fly. We will return, but only after five years. Our goal is to make sure David gets his education as an engineer and we save up for a down payment on a house here in CA. Everything is going to be just fine…I’m telling myself this as if I really believe it. But, truth be told I’m scared, I feel anxious all the time and I’m full of needless, useless worry. I suppose if I think of the dishwasher I’ll have and the huge kitchen then my fears will dissipate…nope, not working. Odd and ends can never replace a life time of love and support from family and friends who are considered as family. There are so many memories that I can’t even begin to conjure them all up to relate them all to you. The feelings that accompany the memories I’ll never forget. California is my life but it’s time to share and practice what I’ve learned from The Rock Church. In my heart, I’m truly a Rock Church California girl.


    SNIFF!!! I will miss you terribly! Always remember GOD has his hand on you, David and Cy. Nothing you go through comes to your life before passing by GOD. (the story of Job).

    Just keep thinking it’s only 5 years (ok.. maybe that is along time :) )

    Love you all so very very much!

    Amy ~

    26 Jan 2008, 5:38pm
    by Music Eloquence


    Amy, where’s your blog? (ahem) You need to get one too so you can post pics and comment on happenings in your every day life. Love you.

    Mish, again… I think you’ll do fine. Keep busy. Only think of positive things (this is a choice). Delve into David and Cylas’ lives.. this is for them. You’ll be just fine. I’ll be praying for you. We’ll have to meet up sometimes. Love you sooooo much.

    Awh Misha,
    Bro Tony and I love you and your precious family so much! We are really going to miss you. We’ve already discussed visitor accomodations :) , so tell me, what’s the nearest airport?

    Harrisburg is the nearest it’s an hour away…but, it gets expensive to fly there..so, the next best is Baltimore Maryland(BWI). And that airport is only 2 hours away. I can’t wait for you to visit. That will mean the world to me…

    BOOOOOOOOO :-( not happy!

    I don’t like it one bit, but I suppose it is what is best for your family. I love you lots and will miss you like crazy.

    31 Jan 2008, 5:22am
    by James Wilder


    You will terribly be missed. Your vivacious energy that we all depend on will be missed. Cy will be missed. David will be missed. Okay..you get the point.
    Please keep in touch. I will post, with your permission, your Good-bye announcement on the M242 Blog. It means so much to me what you and Dave did to help get this thing off the ground. God bless you guys!

    p.s. Baltimore, as in one of those cities I’ve always wanted to visit? Hmmm…


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