27 Jan 2008, 10:40pm
Of Food and Love:

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    Yesterday, my little brother Skyler came over. He’s ten years old and it’s hard to keep him happy. Well, maybe that’s not true. If you stick him in front of the computer and put a good Tonka truck game in, he’ll stay there for hours! But, on the few occasions that he tears himself away to allow David a go he complains of boredom. And if he isn’t bored then he’s hungry. So, I got to work and we started posing for silly pictures…hahah. He and Cylas started wrestling and all was well again. Cylas loves his Uncle Sky. The two of them will crawl under blankets and creep around the house making noises and yelling at each other. My poor neighbor.
    Every since we told Sky that we’re moving, he’s been telling everyone that he’s going to fly to Pennsylvania by himself. I’ll get these random phone calls telling me he’s found a “great deal on JetBlue” to New York and that we can go pick him up. But, we have to wait for him to call us, which he will do ten minutes before the plane lands. And we “can’t be late!”. He knows that we’re leaving but, I don’t really think he understands the concept of time…I mean, five years is a while! But, he’s looking forward to spending a month with us in the summer time playing soccer with the boys next door. I think I’ll take up canning; there are a lot of Mennonite women in the town we’re moving to. I’m sure they won’t mind some strange looking brown girl from California coming over to profess her interest in the art of canning. Hey, there’s a lot to be said for canned jams and preserves. I heard they make killer cookies…I’m a HORRIble bakress…baker-lady, baker…whatever, but, maybe I can learn a thing or two from them!! Look out Pennsylvania! I’m a live wire…looking for a socket to plug into and make myself useful…(oh lord)

    28 Jan 2008, 3:30pm
    by Music Eloquence


    Awww.. what cute pics. Sky is getting so big. I just love the things kids come up with sometimes. Sky tends to have an imagination like yours? lol What a cutie… he’s got it all planned out his way in his little bean. I love it.
    I can’t believe Cylas.. he is really getting big. He fills up the seat of the couch… WOW! Oh that I will always treasure precious “time”.

    Ahhh, canning… that is still one venture I have not done but have been a recipient and benefitted greatly. The ladies at our church can as often as they go to the grocer. I’ve been given jams, jellies, green beans, salsa, chow chow, you name it… and its all wonderful. Grandma Wilbanks canned some blackberry jelly here at my house their last visit and let me keep it all….. YES!! Here, people actually make their buscuits and let me tell you they are much better than “Grands” and “Pillsbury”. We’ve even been given homeade sausage (ahhhh drooling). This is very very good and there are meat processors all over the place. Anyway… I’m excited for you. You will have fun learning new things… because you have fun learning… and because you are a happy person. =) That’s one of the many things I love about you. Don’t let anything take away your zest for life. Love you, Von


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