29 Jan 2008, 5:40pm
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    There’s a book by an old Chinese man named Sun Tzu called “The Art of War”. In it are some very simple truths to help the reader find a way to out wit his opponent. His second sentence rings so true in regards to war but, can be applied to almost every facet in life:

    It is a matter of life and death, a road eitherto safety or to ruin. Hence it is a subject of inquirywhich can on no account be neglected.
    So, in this case, I noticed that it coincides very well with the subject of friends. Having a good support group
    of people around you who nurture and help you to overcome throughout your life is, essentially, a “matter
    of life and death”. Just as it would be impossible to live a complete life with out God I think friends are extremely
    important to human existence. In order to keep my relationship with God alive and healthy, I need to talk to him daily
    and communicate with him on a daily basis. And in order to maintain my relationship with my support group of friends
    I need to make time for them. If I don’t nurture these relationships, it could lead to “safety or ruin”.
    So, last night, I made time for my friends. It felt good. We laughed, talked and ate until 12:30 in the morning. My
    eyes were sagging shut and poor Janelle and Sarah had to drive back to Galt. Matt had to drive to Galt and then back up to
    Elk Grove…eeps! Cylas conked out around 9:30. And I had meant to catch him in a photo with the girls but, I forgot.
    So, in a creative attempt to do this we all sneaked into his bedroom and I made them pose by his crib!
    But, while the night was still young I treated them to a wonderful dish that is so simple yet hits the spot EVERY
    time! It was a Penne noodle, chicken, mushroom and asparagus dish topped with four cheese sauce. Mmmmm, so good.
    And for desert, I made brownies…heh. Sarah brought over some cookies that you stick in the oven and…they cook…ok, that sounds stupid but, what I’m trying to say is you take them out of the package and…blah,blah…anyway, they were good! And of course, we BOGGLED! Ahhhh, I’m so loving this Boggle thing. It is nice
    to have friends who enjoy doing the same thing you do! Yet another refreshing night full of fun times and priceless
    memories. And yes, Janelle, I suppose sometimes one can “not nots” to do something…hah. (a desperate attempt
    to add to the English language amid a bout of Boggle!). Don’t grow too old that you can’t let loose with people you love!

    30 Jan 2008, 7:15pm
    by Music Eloquence


    I just wrote a book and the screen did something funky on me. I’ll wait to see if it posts before I write another book lol.

    Aw, how frustrating…I can’t wait to read what you wrote!

    Oy Vay! I just read that you are moving to PENNSYLVANIA???!!! (mission242) That stinks!!!! We will miss you so much!
    PS. Thanks for taking such good care of Sydney in the nursery Tuesday night!


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