7 Feb 2008, 8:34pm
Of Food and Love

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    Every since our declaration of moving….my life has steadily gotten more stressful and I’m asking myself, “How can THAT be?”. It doesn’t seem possible, as I am now a full-time stay-at-home-mom and do nothing all day long except for clean…and play hide-and-seek with my little boy. But, believe it or not, I’m standing here with Neosporin all over my pimpled face trying to regain my dignity. I feel like I’ve just hit puberty…where did all these pimples come from!??? How awful…But, Cylas keeps me busy. This morning he grabbed the salt and poured it generously over his freshly cut apples. Thank God I caught him before he could start shoving them in his mouth. He is super quick! And just a few minutes ago, he dragged the kitchen chair over to the counter and started digging in my glass for ice cubes. And that was after he grabbed a full Dasani bottle and loosened the top letting the water pour slowly out as he shook it. And did mentioned that he did the same thing yesterday but it was on MY SIDE OF THE BED??? Oh, Lord. I had to let the bed air out so it could dry. He was sopping and so were my sheets. I guess that’s nothing compared to a couple of days ago when he tired to take his teddy bear “potty”. He stuck the bear in the toilet….he’s very creative. Oh, speaking of potty. Tuesday he ran to the bathroom door and told me “poddee” so, we went into the bathroom, pulled off his wet diapy and stood him up on the seat. Sure enough, after several grunts and a couple of toots, he went potty!! What a great day!! Then, the rest of the day was full of false alarms…”poddee, poddee” but nothing came out. It’s ok, at least he’s showing SOME interest. Oh and one last thing, today, he let go of his helium balloon, sad right? Well, don’t worry, it didn’t ALL the way to heaven, it just got stuck in our living room fan.

    14 Feb 2008, 1:03am
    by James Wilder


    “These ‘birth control moments’ have been brought to you by David, Mish and Cy” Thank you.


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