13 Feb 2008, 4:19am
cylas Of Food and Love:

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    If life as a mother of one could be summed up in ten words or less, I think it would be best said as this: joys come easily watching the miracle of life in children. Today, was one of those days that made me feel all fuzzy inside. It makes you want to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on your front porch and drink a frosty glass of milk. It was gorgeous. The sun was dancing everywhere making each place on the street warm and enjoyable. So, Cylas and I went outside to play with Mr. Sun. We took our badminton racket and a soft alphabet cube for a ball and tried to hit it into the sky. In the end, the racket was more like a poking/exploring stick and the cube rolled useless into the muddy patches of grass we call our “front lawn”. We toodled up and down the block for a while sniffing flowers and picking up random twigs. Afterwards, we went inside and I changed his diaper. He wanted to continue playing block-minton but, it was nap time. At least, it was supposed to be nap time. Instead of napping, he read some books in his crib and then turned on one of his toys which gave me about thirty minutes to do house work. So, I took him out and we headed off to the post office and the library(we LOVE the library!!). Cylas was excited but, fell asleep before we could get to the freeway! So, I turned on some classical music, rolled down my window and let the fresh air touch my face. Today was exceptionally grand. Yesterday was pretty too and, I managed to catch David and Cylas in a priceless photo sitting on the porch together just staring out into the street. David took yesterday off to continue packing and to finish fixing our ceiling(which started leaking during the recent storms). While David was pulling things out of our closets, Cylas was nosing around and found a roll of paper…which he then UN-rolled throughout the whole house. This behavior is only a continuation of his daily, if not hourly, ritual of what I call… Stuff-Dragging. Cylas loves to drag his toys around the house making piles which he then sits in and rolls around. In a day’s time, his whole bed(meaning his covers and all the stuffed animals) will make it around the house at least three times. Don’t ask me, I have no idea why this is so interesting to him. I did catch him on camera dragging the paper around. Enjoy!

    14 Feb 2008, 1:00am
    by James Wilder


    How funny! This little guy cracks me up. Like the photo of David and Cy on the porch.


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