15 Feb 2008, 11:05pm
Of Food and Love:


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    Hmmm, I must say that this particular Valentine’s Day was unique. Both my husband and child were sick and I wasn’t feeling too great myself. David came home early from work and knocked on the door hoping to surprise me. But, I didn’t hear him knocking because, I was on the phone and the microwave was humming in the background(not to mention I saw him pulling up the side street…shhhhhh!) Well, he thought that I was too scared to open the door because, he hid around the corner and there was no one in the peephole that I could see….mmm, actually, I just didn’t hear him pounding. I wish I had! So, he came in holding a cute little pot of pink flowers and my favorite Jamba Juice!! It was so sweet. But, after only being home two minutes he was blowing his nose…
    At around 5:40 we headed off to our reservation at Kabob House(our ALL time FAv), for some good Greek food! Poor David was looking at me through watery eyes and sniffling all through our meal. And I was trying to tell myself that I wasn’t getting a fever. The food was great but, I was on the verge of getting really nauseous due to the headache that was threatening to kill me with its incessant, dull pounding. Meantime, Cylas was home with a temp of over 101 degrees! My mom was kind enough to watch him while we took just a little over an hour to “enjoy” Valentine’s Day. It was nice to be with my sweetheart, that’s for sure. So, the aftermath is: Cylas slept with us last night and puked up in our bed, I got MAYbe 3 1/2 hours of sleep, David is now holed up in bed with a horrid fever and cough…Cylas is better but his eyes still look soft…and me, well, I’m the last woman standing. I feel fine(crosses fingers). I’ve been guzzling water and playing nurse. Heppy Balentimes Dey…*sniff*

    19 Feb 2008, 12:05am
    by James Wilder


    Oh my word! That Flu seriously hasn’t missed ANYONE this year!

    Kabob House…Berto writes the insurance for them and took us there last summer. I really enjoyed it.

    19 Feb 2008, 8:59pm
    by Music Eloquence


    Aww Meesh I’m so sorry. Noah has been sick with this too. I’ve finally got it. The sad thing is that I can’t feel sorry for myself like I could living at home. lol I’m the one taking care of hubby and baby now. I wouldn’t trade it for the world though. Happy V-Day anyway.

    Oooh, remember when you and I went to the Kabob house eons ago? That was a good time and really good food… just those sour grape leaf rollup things ewww. haha As you say, they are definitely an “aquired taste.” haha

    MMMMmmmmmmm…I’d give almost anything for some of those “sour grape leaf roll-up things”!!! Where is Kebob house-I wanna go there during No Limits…I love love LOVE good greek food.
    It sounds just like the flu we had hit you guys too…its funny how us moms just go and go…


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