20 Feb 2008, 5:13pm


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    I don’t know why but, I think this is a great article. I found it while perusing the net. I’ve met plenty of people with bad breath and it really is frustrating to me. I can’t stand talking to them because, the whole conversation I’m suppressing my gag reflex. If they sit in my car, my whole car fills up like a toxic fumes plant and my windows turn a filmy green. That’s when I roll the window down a crack, lie and say that “it’s stuffy in here” or “look at how much dust is floating around. Let’s let it escape” and then I turn my head to the side and act like I can actually see the dust leaving the car(sometimes I can). So, if you have a friend…who needs some tips…please, give this to them before they introduce themselves to any more poor, unsuspecting souls about to die from halitosi-cal exposure(and NO that’s not a word but, I did derive it from halitosis).

    Saving the Planet from one bad breath breather at a time

    Tried, but not yet proven to be helpful:

    • chewing on parsley
    • chewing special gum
    • eating yogurt
    • chewing fennel seeds
    • chewing magnolia gum

    Some research indicates it might help:

    • rinsing with antibacterial mouthwash
    • brushing with baking soda
    • popping peppermint oil
    • scraping your tongue

    Proven health habits to keep bad breath at bay:

    • staying hydrated
    • munching on fruit
    • brushing frequently
    • quitting smoking
    • eating breakfast
    • flossing daily
    • seeing dental and medical professionals to rule out underlying problems
    21 Feb 2008, 9:28pm
    by Music Eloquence


    HAhahaha apparently you have recently come in contact with an individual with an air contaminating breath…. It’s sinus season and sometimes there’s no hope for those with bad sinus problems… it can even smell like halatosis (sp?).
    You are hilarious though… its dusty in your car.. haha. How about you are car sick and need fresh air or Your nose is in good working order and you need outside air. This might be too blatant though. lol Yikes that’s a toughie. How do you tell someone??? I’ve tried this (its not fool proof though)… “Man, something stinks. Do you smell that? wait a few seconds… maybe we have bad breath… do you have any gum? wait for reply.. if they have some take it.. if not have some handy “Oh wait, I found some. We lucked out.” hahaha

    Hahahah….”Do you smell that…?” That’s HORRIBLE!!! *laughing* I really, REALLY wish people would come up with some mini air fresheners…seriously. I’ve been in situations where I wanted to dunk my head…gag. But, yeah, i’ve come in contact with people who have PERPETUAL bad breath and it KILLLLSS me….I usually try not to breath deeply so, when I do smell something…good Lord! That means it must be bad. heh

    Oh GAAAAGGGG MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! I HATE when that happens! Von-de-leigh’s litte “we” problem is hilarious! Hey…don’t move to where we live okay? I think if you DON’T have halitosis and a few teeth missin’ you might be from another planet! BTW…have you guys moved to PA yet???

    Oh your little man will talk before you know it and then it will be like “uh, now where did I put the duct tape?”
    Anyway, it was great seeing you in Sac too-we’re coming to No Limits and then I think I’m going to visit Olga in PA around the 1st of April so maybe I can help your big transitioning???
    Love ya!

    hey, this is good stuff. . . . i think everyone could use this information once in a while. way to keep us informed!


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