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  • Changes…some good…some bad

    The fateful day I’ve been hoping wouldn’t come. But, it has arrived. Cylas can now climb out of his crib!! You can imagine my horror when I laid him down for his afternoon nap, which he usually welcomes with open arms, and turned around five minutes later to find him staring up at me screaming his head off in resistance to a good three hour nap time. I couldn’t believe it(and I don’t think he could either). I marched him right back to his crib and plopped him in there. A couple minutes later it was like dejavu(sp?)!! So, I figured I’d pull out my handy little camera and catch him escaping…lucky me(and you)because it sure was funny. Keep in mind, he tends to throw EVERYTHING out of his bed when he’s in terrible moods like the one you’re about to see. However, on this particular occasion he left his “silkie” in his crib and that’s what he’s struggling to get towards the end of the clip. (it’s posted right below!)

    So, that was the bad change…the good change, however, is really good! He’s learning to use utensils sooo well! His spoon seems to be the easiest at this point. It was like a miraculous change over night. Honestly, the day before I was having to feed him and the next day he refused to eat unless HE was holding the spoon,or fork, and after a few avalanches of food on the floor he changed his grip on the spoon and started adeptly shoveling food into his mouth. He’s still learning but, it’s mounds better than his past attempts. Below is a clip of him eating like a big boy!

    Aaannnd, back to the bad changes, but definitely a sure sign of growth, he has started to scream at me and hit me in protest. it takes me aback every time and I find myself with a slight case of “hurt feelings” and worrisome thoughts like: “am I a bad mother, do I treat him this way, is this how it’s always going to be!??”. But, I try in my most “mommy-full-of-love” voice to persuade him that hitting me is not such a good idea and, if he doesn’t seem to get it …wellll….need I say more. He definitely knows who’s boss. Ahh yes, besides these other behavioral and motor skills changes, he’s taken to humming and singing his own personal song. It’s called Bee-gogo; this song can be roughly translated as…”I’m singing something that makes me feel good” and he tends to sing it a lot.
    And one last good change for the day, he loves his Papa!! Now, this isn’t to say that he didn’t love him before but, just recently he started to call David “papa” instead of some random object like…dogggyyy. Now, Cylas waits expectantly at the door for his Papa and screams with such delight when David pops his head in the door. Sometimes, Cy and I wait outside, the weather has been JUST gorgeous, and he’ll stand on the sidewalk with his arms open saying “Paaapaa!”. What a sight…

    New Words:

    haakee = hat = шапка
    seedeez = sit = садись
    ohkee = sunglasses = очки
    ookee = ears = ухи
    All words are Russian…

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