5 Mar 2008, 4:43pm


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    There are many objects in the cupboard that can make a mother scream, weep, or even faint. So far, the only object I’ve found to make me want to do either of those is: Vaseline. I don’t know how he manages to find it but, on more than one occasion he has managed to root around until he finds the elixir and then liberally spread it. Well, a couple of days ago he found it — again. And I was preoccupied with something else in the other half of the house when I hear this dragging sound. Clunk…khrrrrr…clunk….He rounds the corner in and in his hand is a little glove which is attached by a string to another glove which is buried deep into a container of Vaseline. I thought that that was the least of my worries but, I looked at his hair and groaned. There was a fistful of Vaseline clumped to the side of his head! Good Lord! After two baths, it’s finally coming out.
    As a side note, I forgot to mention in my last post that he no longer sucks a binky!! He’s a big boy now. Well, against his wishes. If he had his way, he would definitely take the binky back. But, after two weeks of not being able to breath due to that horrid illness he stopped taking the binky because he couldn’t breath but through his mouth. So, if he hadn’t become sick I think we’d still be battling with the bink.
    Due to the fact that we are moving, most of his toys are packed away and he has to get creative in order to keep himself entertained. This morning he found some of my head bands and found a couple of sticks to play with and has trotted around the whole morning happily slapping what ever he can. The oven, the drums, boxes, my back, my arms and even the computer. Nothing escapes a good whack from Cylas!

    6 Mar 2008, 2:05am
    by Music Eloquence


    HAHAHAHA How hilarious Cy is!!! Oh the joys I feel awaiting me… (groans). =) But really, how can you keep from laughing hysterically when you come up on him in his calamities?

    6 Mar 2008, 6:23pm
    by Carol Connell


    Well you know, it could have been worse. I know of a few kids that took to smearing the contents of their soiled diapers on themselves and various places. I think I would throw up if I had to deal with that! LOL It was nice seeing you last night and meeting your husband and son at NO LIMITS. God bless you.

    Carol Connell

    I love your son and I love you!


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