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    So, as you all know, I’ve recently graduated from UC Davis with my B.A in Russian. During my time there, I developed a few friendships that have meant so much to me! Most all of my friends were Russian due to the fact that 99% of my classes were Russian…hah. Go figure… So, slowly these girls and I have gotten closer and closer. We don’t sit up late night on the phone gossiping or evening spend the night at each other’s homes(considering I’m married…slim chance!) but, we do make sure to spend a couple of hours together each month. Over the past two months we’ve spent more time together because a couple of us are moving far away. My good buddy Zhenya will have an eight month rotation in Georgia while David and I will be moving to Pennsylvania for the next five to six years. Which leaves our other good buddy Zhanna all alone! Of course, we’re all making plans to see each other while we’re doing our time(haha). I do have another great friend named Kate. She and I met in an Econ class, that I was having such a horrible time with, and have been friends ever since! She the one Russian speaking friend I have that I did not meet in a Russian class. Actually, it was my first quarter there, I had just found out I was pregnant and I spied her sitting a few rows ahead of me. To me — she looked Russian so, the next class I approached her to see if I could sit by her and eventually asked her if she was Russian(she turned out to be Ukrainian but…whatever) and we hit it off ever since. Recently, she came over and we went to lunch. We spent two hours talking and catching up. It was great. But, back to Zhanna and Zhenya. Zhanna just turned twenty and we all went over to her place to celebrate! Of course, I was the odd one out. I didn’t look like any other person there…heh. But, we had a great time eating all of the wonderful food which David has now commissioned me to find out just how Zhanna’s mom makes her chicken! He says the grease gives him a high…good lord.
    Well, I thought I would write a little thanks to my buddies for being good friends. They have been the kind to be proud of! I don’t know every intimate detail of their lives but, our friendship is something that I know I can always count on. Thanks ladies…

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