17 Mar 2008, 3:03pm
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    I wish I could sit here and disclose all of the the recent events but, I can’t. It would take too long and I might lose readers…hahah. So, I’ll just stick to the most outstanding events and show you my videos and pictures. Ok, so, I’ve been in PA for almost a week. It feels like a month and I’m not exaggerating. We’ve done a lot and still have a lot to do. David is working and I’m trying to find places to put our stuff. We don’t have any furniture so, my task is a bit daunting. However, right before we left California Cylas did a REALLY big boy thing. He took his first shower — alone! I have footage. It is really cute.

    I have a video clip of our place. It’s out in the country on an acre of land on a street with three other families. Cylas is already making himself known…hah. The other night we stayed out until 12:30 in the morning(remind me never to do that AGAIN) at the neighbor’s and Cylas played his little heart out. Our neighbors have a plethora of children. On the one side there are 13 and on the other there are 10. Soooo, there won’t be a shortage of friends for our little one.
    Here is the clip of our new place! I’ll have more photos soon

    I’m still in the library. One of the kind library technicians helped my dying computer to finally access their wireless internet. It’s taken me about an hour and a half just to make a simple blog entry, between running after Cylas and waiting for the library tech. I’m a bit worn out now. Cylas is climbing on everything and I’m chasing him down every three minutes. I still have more errands to run after this. I’m on my own today. It’s my very first time driving here in PA. The roads are long and hilly. I have a video of me leaving the house and driving to the library…but, I’ll save that for another day.
    *sighs* I need a nap!

    17 Mar 2008, 7:19pm
    by Music Eloquence


    Oh wow Misha, you have a lovely place… and beautiful hardwood floors. I bet you are absolutely loving the kitchen. I am drooling with all the counter space you have. I am so happy for you. I hope you enjoy everything thoroughly. I am sure everyone misses you terribly in Sac. You are sucha “ray of sunshine” (as you called me.. haha). Its so true though. You really are. I love you so much and can’t wait to hear, see, and read more about your new adventure. =)

    17 Mar 2008, 10:43pm
    by James D. Wilder


    Wow. Thanks for updating us. What a wonderful new home! Big change from the downtown location you guys had before. This is really a new world for you. Very excited for you guys!

    I have an idea. Take the sun porch furniture and bring it inside! Voila!
    (and what’s wrong with those curtains? huh?)


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