18 Mar 2008, 4:10pm


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    My second meal here at our new place: tostadas! I invited the in-laws over and we munched. But, I can’t tell you what a deal it was making sure everything was ready for tonight. After I left the library today, I zipped over to the local grocery market, Weiss, where I discovered that I didn’t have my driver’s license. “Hmmm, I must have left it at the library”. I made a mental note to shoot back there after Wal-Mart. Meanwhile, I rummaged through my purse while I was shopping for dinner and while I was driving to Wal-Mart. By the time I had finished at Wal-Mart, I still hadn’t found my driver’s license. Knowing that I didn’t have anything at home to make for lunch, I stopped by Subway to get a sandwich on my way back to the library to see if I had dropped my license there. Earlier, I had applied for a library card and had to pull out my driver’s license. And so this is why I was sure that it was floating around over there. While I was ordering my sandwich, I left Cy in the car because he had fallen asleep on the way back from Wal-Mart. And of course, the sweet ladies behind the counter were no younger than 50 and were taking their time making the sandwiches. Such care and effort went into placing each piece of cheese to cover the meat and each customer was politely asked, “would you like your sandwich toasted?”. Bless their hearts – but my son was asleep in the car and my driver’s license was on the verge of being stolen by mutant children!! By the time it was my turn to pay, I was sweating and I left my keys on the counter. On the way out, the young lady who was behind me tapped my shoulder and handed them to me. I said my thanks and raced out the door…and that was when the cap to my drink went flying. I almost screamed. I turned back to pick it up and finally made it to my car. All the while, Cylas is still asleep. I get back to the library and no one has seen my license or my fancy new library card(I forgot to mention that it went missing as well). She assured me that if it had been left behind someone would have turned it in…in an effort to prove her point the librarian picked up a jingle bell and told me that “people here turn in everything”. Well, it’s nice to know I moved into a town where people still have values. Frustrated but feeling too defeated to do anything about it I trudged back to my car and sat there. I placed the car into gear and headed back home. With my Subway sandwich to my lips and my other hand flailing for my Sunchips I raced down the road – right past the road to our home!! OMG! Does it get any more frustrating? So, I pulled into some farmer’s dirt drive and flipped the car around. When I got home, I felt relieved. I sat for a moment organizing how I would get out of the car and pull all of the groceries out and juggle Cy. I decided to take Cy out first and lay him down and then come back for the groceries. I pulled my keys out to unlock the door and they didn’t work; I had grabbed the wrong key!! I had to go and dig out the spare key. Somehow, I don’t think my day couldn’t have gotten anymore ridiculous. And thank God it didn’t. Finally, after being gone almost four and half hours on errands, I read my bible, prayed, laid my head down, and forgot to stay awake.

    Misha!!! I’m sooo missing you. I’m sitting here laughing at what cylas is doing and wanting to cry cause I want to see all this happening. I think I’m willing to go into debt just to see you for spring break! Hey there’s a piano so I can practice when I get there! Maybe you can get t tuned before I come. Well, I’m going to look for a ticket so be prepared!


    Misha found your blog some where and it is so neat to here about your new life there far far away. We will always love you all three.I will continue to keep up with you and Cy love you bunches , janet M

    22 Mar 2008, 2:21pm
    by Music Eloquence


    heyyyyy my friend…. ahhhhhh, i’ve had days like that. haven’t we all? I hope you found your license. it is such a pain to have to get a new one.. at least you didn’t lose your whole wallet. that’s even worse. it sounds like you’re meeting new people and getting out into the community already. you are so smart. i love you so much and can’t wait to read more about your exciting adventures. =)

    28 Mar 2008, 2:46am
    by karing1960


    Hi Misha:

    I’m so glad we got to see you and meet Cylas and David before your eastern trek. Sorry you had a rough day. Been there done that as I’m sure all of us have or will someday. Hope you find the license and most important, the library card! LOL

    Much Love,
    Karen mester


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