24 Mar 2008, 7:09pm


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    I can’t think of a title for this blog. I just know that I have a lot to write about and I don’t think I can remember everything!….wait…I just thought of a title…(writing it)
    Ok, the other evening we got our washer and dryer!!

    What a blessing. It’s really difficult to wait until you have time to take it to the in-law’s. Not to mention we’re still living out of plastic bags. But, anyways — Cylas was all abuzz with helping his Papa and Dyeda George put in the washer and dryer. He would eagerly dig into the tool box and pull out miscellaneous tools to poke and prod in an effort to help.So, I took a brief clip of our first night at this church. It was a little different. But, I’m extremely grateful for a church to attend! The people are friendly and I can’t wait to make myself useful here. I’m not sure exactly where God will use me but, I’m feeling the urge to help out in this small church community. They have about 150 members with a neighboring home missions church that visits every Sunday night.

    Sorry for the crammed blog but, I still don’t have internet and I need to update everyone on what has been happening here!! So, Easter Sunday was spent with the in-laws after Sunday morning church and then that evening we attended their annual Easter Drama. I made sure to take photos of us in the morning to ensure Cylas’ outfit would be in pristine condition. Of course, by the afternoon he’d managed to get chocolate on himself. I had undress him and immediately wash his clothes! Sounds obsessive but, his outfit was only worn once!!

    24 Mar 2008, 9:20pm
    by Music Eloquence


    GREAT PHOTOS MEESH!!!!!! I wish you were here to take pictures of Noah. Oh my.. Cy looks like he stepped out of a children’s catalog. They are so beautiful… he is a beautiful child anyway so that’s easy. I love you and thanks for the updates.

    Hey, thanks for updating us on everything that is going on. I feel so distant from you (as I am). I miss you tons. Went over to your side of the church during “koinonia” last night. . . remembered you weren’t there :-(

    don’t know what I am going to do without my Mish. I hope to come visit you soon.

    That’s it! Those photo’s are just way too cute and I am booking my flight right now!!!!
    Love you!

    P.S. The black and white photo…. he looks so grown up!

    Man I miss you you….those pics are too cute. No offense to David, but Cy really does look just like you! Perhaps he might have a bit of David’s cheekbones though.
    Hope you like your new city! I thought of you on Easter, because I went over to that side of the church to say “hi” to people too and automatically kind of looked around for you…*sniffle* Anyway, congrats on the washer & dryer! Always a good thing! hahaha!


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