27 Mar 2008, 11:17pm


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    We christened this day “Potty Day!”. And boy did we have a paahtyy! Cylas has shown increasing interest in the toilet. Beware if the bathroom door is not shut tight because a curly little head will pop through and start inquiring about your “potty”. So, after a few such incidences I decided it was time to let him run around in his potty suit. For the past couple of days Cylas will run to the toilet, start to yank his pants off while pointing into the toilet bowl saying “pahdee, pahdee”. Obligingly, I find myself taking his diaper off, allowing him to perch on the toilet while he makes grunting noises in an effort to make some potty appear. After a couple of toots, grunts and some incoherent babbling I take him off the pot and strap him back into his diaper. But, today, we made it really special. I changed him into a little underwear outfit(the only set he has!) and decided to record our efforts. At first, he cried the tears of a martyr because his diaper was gone and he was wearing a piece of cloth and unused to the feel he desperately tried to take it off. Only ingenious redirection and coaxing kept the little underwear in place.

    Soon, he made his way over to his crib and tried to get his “deedee”(silkie). We turned over one of his toys boxes and he played in there for a bit while we waited for the mysterious potty to make its appearance.
    There are many uses for boxes…they can magically change into anything you wish!

    And then – in the middle of building a lego tower Cylas stopped, looked up, squeezed his knees together and said quietly “pahdee”. Quickly, we scooted to the bathroom and waited.

    After a few grunts, we were rewarded! The potty had come and we were so happy we clapped and congratulated the little potty boy.

    We said our goodbyes and marched triumphantly away from the toilet back to the play room. But, our victory was short lived – ten minutes to be exact – for the potty re-visited and soiled the potty suit. A wide eyed Cylas stared at me from behind his rocking horse knowing that something wasn’t right. But, still, we headed back to the toilet and sat again. Only this time, our visit ended with a diaper.

    29 Mar 2008, 6:38pm
    by James D. Wilder


    how “stinking” cute is that :)

    he got it on the first try! Go Cylas!

    I feel a song:
    “if you don’t succeed, wipe yourself off and try again, wipe your self off and try again…”

    HA!! JAMES!!!

    Misha. . . this is adorable!! I loved the pictures too! I want you around 24/7 when I have children to take such photos of them. . . think you can do that?? Just move on in with us??

    Misha, you get the best pictures…. I HAVE to learn to do this before children. :)


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