17 Apr 2008, 12:15pm


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    One of my hidden passions is plants and gardening. What little I know I learned from my grandmother and mother. As a young girl, we started a garden that held so many yummy things! We learned how to compost and cultivate our vegetables. We weren’t great but, we did learn priceless rudimentary knowledge of how a garden is started and cared for. So, yesterday after a couple of weeks of planning and researching David and I broke ground! We’re starting small with plans to expand as we learn more. Fortunately, we’re working with ground that has been mulched, manured, composted and planted already! So, when we turned over the first shovel full of dirt the earth was a beautiful dark brown with that unmistakable smell of fertility. There were lots of worms and we threw on some old composted manure after we tossed the ground. Our garden, for the time being, has only three rows in which will be planted: chives, garlic, carrots, tomatoes, onions and squash! Each of these vegetables are staples in our house so, we know that these veggies won’t be wasted. As we raked, hoed and built up the rows, Cylas joined in with the exuberance only a two year old has. He wielded his little shovel like a battle ax and used the hoe to break down the rows we were building up! By the end of it all, he was covered in dirt and smelled a little manure-y. He and David also dug into some of the plants that were left over from the last garden. They were feeding each other pieces of “schavel” I don’t know what it is called in English. But, it’s a sour little plant that David just loves and got Cylas to appreciate as well!
    In order to keep myself busy, I came up with a list of skills that I wanted to acquire after our move here. Gardening was one of those skills that I wanted to perfect. Amongst the others: learning French, sewing, canning, archery and perfecting my Russian — gardening is really a passion of mine that I would like to practice in memory of my grandmother whose life was cut short due to a lung disease. Over the past couple of years, I began to realize how much my grandmother taught me before she died! And I think to myself, “what if she had stayed alive longer, how much more would I know?”. So, join me on my gardening adventures here in PA!!

    That is so neat that Cylas gets to help you. He is such a cutie. I remember having a rather large garden when we lived in Burney when I was about 4 years old. I had so much fun helping my mom plant as well as chase all the bugs away. This past week I decided to plant some flowers and there are already sprouts. :) I am so excited. Anyway, I love and miss you.

    omw Cylas malinky malichik dolya =) hes so cute. I cant believe Im the only Kelbatyrov that has never been to Pa =(

    21 Apr 2008, 9:35pm
    by C Hendryx


    MISHA!!! HI, we miss you here in Cali. I love the pictures. I can smell the dirt. What fun and exciting. I hope that you registered to vote for Hilary tmrw :)

    OOOOHHH sounds like fun! Wish I could find another hobby…Besides shopping, reading, and singing…I DO like to decorate, but your hobby sounds really fun! I haven’t really delved into that ‘Martha Stewart’ side of me yet..Been too busy with the kids!

    Archery really? You know, Grandpa Tony has a nice collection of bows and arrows and bales of hay set up in the backyard with targets on them. He’ll have to give you a lesson next time you visit, that is if your tummy isn’t in the way!

    19 May 2008, 3:03am
    by Poppi Che


    I do remember all the fun we had in our garden on Excelsior Road. It was alot of hard work and it all paid off because we had many great harvests. I am very proud of you and all you are doing in PA.
    It looks like Cy has a green thumb.
    David is a great father and Husband.

    Keep true to your goals and dreams.

    With all our Love: José, Eva and Uncle Christopher


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