18 Apr 2008, 8:18pm


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    So, if I haven’t mentioned it before, between two of my neighbors, who happen to be sisters, there are seventeen children surrounding our house. And seeing as they are cousins they cut across the top part of our property to visit each other. In the early mornings, the ones who are not quite old enough for school can be heard yelling and playing and creating fantasy lands where they are cowboys, Indians and superheroes. Today, I just so happened to walk out and observe two of my youngest neighbors getting ready to “go on a hiking trip”. Like big girls they were outfitted with helmets, a black bag (full of who knows what!) and their bikes. On their way out one of their bigger brothers gave them permission to go to the fort but “don’t touch anything!”. Selina, his sister and elder of the two small cousins, assured him that they had absolutely no interest in his fort and they would be going hiking instead. Contentedly mumbling between themselves Selina and Corrina started out on their bikes. Now, Corrina, the younger of the two, just learned to ride her bike about three days ago and since then has gotten a newer and prettier bike — this one with Barbies, glitter and purple handle bars. I watched them wondering if they were truly going to go on a hiking trip. That could be dangerous and I was prepared to run over and inform their mother but, my fears were short-lived because, as they were circling around to the side of the house suddenly there was a wail. Corrina had fallen off her bike cutting their big hiking trip short.
    “I can’t walk! I can’t waaaalk,” she wailed. Selina, in a very motherly tone, assured her that everything would be ok. As Corrina continued to cry, Selina decided that they would just have to make due with sitting underneath the back porch. So, she pulled her black backpack off the bike and tugged out a very large blanket which she then spread out. Corrina, still in pain and bawling, dramatically threw herself on top of the blanket and rolled around. And being the good cousin she is, Selina quickly ran inside to find help…
    I couldn’t help but laugh. Children are so cute

    ha ha cute story misha! I was just talking to my aunt today about how cute kids are…gotta love them :) Miss you tons!!! :(

    20 Apr 2008, 2:12pm
    by Music Eloquence


    Does Cylas get out and play with them? How are you doing?

    hehe. . . sounds like us when we were wittle. . . off to some big adventure!! I can’t believe you were going to warn their mom!! how would you feel if maria warned your mom about some of the stuff we used to do!! LOL

    22 Apr 2008, 8:32pm
    by James Wilder



    How fun. I remember having a fort. It was something else. Not like kids now days. Ellie Grace Malone…she has a small model home built just for her! Wow. Long ways from sprawling blankets over the living room and creating a canopy over top!

    Girls couldn’t get to our tree fort anyway. It was too hard to climb the tree (at least we thought).


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