25 Apr 2008, 12:08pm


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    We’ve been here a month and a week now…and I’m still reeling from the fact that we live here. I’ve been occupying my time with gardening, scrabbling and reading. I still haven’t found a groove yet. I find myself forgetting things at the grocery store a lot and feeling a bit disorganized! We still don’t have any furniture and are up in arms about what kind of shelves we want in the house. So, as a result of a barren home we haven’t invited anyone over for tea, dinner or anything! But, two night ago we finally extended an invite to David’s Aunt and Uncle and their family. We had a great time. I made enchiladas (David’s request) and home made yellow rice. I was a little nervous because they are new to America and haven’t really tried too many new foods. David’s Uncle is the one who is most afraid. So, I ventured out on a limb and encouraged him to try it. In the end, it was a success and everyone was pleased! We topped the evening off with a walk outside and then settled back in for some fresh strawberries from the Farmer’s Market and Turkey Hill Cookies and Cream Ice Cream!! Ooooh, this stuf is AMAZING! It’s tastes like Vic’s Ice Cream back home.

    Looks like you are adjusting well to the country lifestyle..It’s definitely gotta be a big change from midtown Sac, huh? Your home looks big and nice! And all those fruit trees! You are gonna have a blast making jam and fruit pie! Please send me some home made rasberry jam!! MY FAVE!!! (:
    Love ya!

    25 Apr 2008, 6:21pm
    by Music Eloquence


    Ohhh Meesh, it looks so beautiful where you live. There’s nothing like the serenity and uncluttered beauty of the country is there? Since our church is moving probably next month we won’t have the long drive through the country because it will be just 2 miles down the highway from where we live now (Its almost finished.. it is beautiful. They are hanging ceiling tiles now.. carpet prob in next couple weeks). Last year I got to actually see a calf with its mother, just seconds after it was born. It was all shiny and the mother was staying really close by as it stumbled and clumsily fell the the ground repeatedly. I will miss those sights so much. There’s something so pure and untainted about it. I just love it.

    Getting in “the groove” will take time. I can’t say I really got in it until probably after I’d been here for a year. It is an adjustment just because you don’t really know people, they don’t know you (know you like good friends… not “surface know you”) and there’s simply no “foundation” like where you grew up with a network of a “support group” if you need it. But now, its totally different. I feel so at home with everyone, the country, the culture, etc. Also, think about your condition… could be why you are feeling this way too. =) I love you so much and would love it if you made your way down here. Just take it easy for now though Meesh.

    25 Apr 2008, 7:10pm
    by Stephanie’s Blog


    HEY MISHA!!! i miss you guys so badly! i want to go and visit you guys too!! your house is beautiful, when you come back im sure you’ll miss that!!! well i have a blog and its bekahnsteph.blogspot.com

    awww misha i miss you!! :( you look happy though and I hope everything is going well and you are getting adjusted to your new home…it is beautifl by the way :) and cylas!…OMW he is getting so big! give him a big smooch for me! love you bunches!

    28 Apr 2008, 9:48pm
    by James Wilder


    “We topped the evening off with a walk outside” hahaha nothing exciting like stepping out the front door said the man that lives in Compton hehe

    Misha, I think this process is all normal. It will probably take some considerable time. You are an urbanite in your soul. Von de Leigh mentioned “your condition”…??
    If anyone can relate, I suppose it would be Von De Leigh – California to Eva. BIG change. Well, your CA extended family loves you.

    29 Apr 2008, 12:52am
    by Music Eloquence



    Hey Misha! AAWW! I miss Cy so much! Please give him a hug for us!!! Looks like you’ve got a beautiful & pieceful home there!! Isn’t that nice to not have to deal with downtown Sacramento or Laguna traffic!! he he! I’m so happy for you guys!

    I MISS YOU!!!


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