5 May 2008, 2:41pm


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    Today, I feel poetic. Yeah, yeah…sounds weird but, I do have a small interest in poetry. I’m going to briefly describe the sights and sounds I hear and see around my house and around this town.

    Today I stopped by the side of the road and took Cylas for a short field trip. There is an old mill that sits in a curve in the road. We walked down the embankment and sat on broken concrete listening to the water rush through the mill and spill out. It smelled like the earth. We watched small pieces of bark float past and Cylas spit. He tried to watch it trip down the stream but, the water was moving too fast.

    The cows stared at us eagerly like three year olds waiting for snack time. With Cylas’ hand firmly pressed into mine, we spoke to the wide eyed creatures. They would make steps toward us and then shift around, lick their noses and nudge each other. We held our hands out hoping they would lick us but, they only stared their noses glistening.

    As we crested the hill, the night like a blanket hugging the sides of the car, we saw six glowing dots like the color of amber. They bobbed across the road and we slowed down to watch the deer make their way back into their land leaving us to listen to the sounds of our engine.

    Sometimes,in the night, the wind tickles the sides of our house making it loose control of the siding and it flaps making lonely, keening sounds. It reminds me of an old bearded man who can not sing and so hums off-key while rubbing a rusty fork on a wash board.

    The birds sing so clearly and it seems like they converse about the weather. The prettier it is the more they have to say. And then the chortle of an old rooster breaks through like an unwanted stain on your shirt.

    The way Cylas turns the pages of his books makes my heart warm. He will sit with his ankles crossed covered around with his books, sniffing, staring intently at the creative imagination of Dr. Seuss. Slap. Sniff. Another book read and set aside…so many more to go.

    When I hear the rumble of the fertilizer truck, I quake inside and race to find a cloth to fastened over my face. The slop of liquefied cow manure flings off and slaps the road making a mark, leaving a trail to its destination. Once on the field, the manure is shot out and arcs gracefully to ground covering the starved corn, soy beans and alfalfa. And I sit, miserable, the smell enveloping me with its vaporous cloud of stench.

    The familiar sound of David’s white, Toyota T100 pulling into the driveway after work. Cylas’ bare feet slapping the floor as he races to catch a glimpse of his Papa. The door opening and happy noises erupting from our baby’s lips as he races to hug his Papa’s knees. Kisses, questions and smiles and then a hug for mama. Dinner is on the table, hands are washed, sweet tea is poured, we eat. Life is good. It is warm. And I’m in love.

    “Aptoboosss”, “Eeeya”, “Kakee”, “Melchk”, “Shok”, “Beedeeee”, “Wohn, two. Two, wohn, mahdah…weeee”, “Book”, “eesho”, “Ahkay”, “Cahr”, ” eee-eee”, “Numnum”, “Ma! Pa!”, “Hug”, “Pookahl”, “Vada!”
    The beginning sounds of two languages coming together and the sounds of love.

    Wow, Mish! This really gave me a lot of imagery about where you live, feel, and what it’s like to be there. I’ll be honest, it doesn’t sound like “a walk in the park”! Sounds pretty lonely and stinky, but your loving family will make it happy and easier to get through.
    Miss you tons, and think about you often!
    (did admit that I giggled when I read about the 6 glowing amber dots, and then the deer crossed the road. Were they Rudolph’s brothers? jk!)

    WEll, shoot, I didn’t mean to sound so lonely and depressing…hahah! But, yeah, it’s actually really pretty and so different from what I’m used to. There is so much nature. And those glowing dots were their eyes….heeh.

    Mish- It was soooo very good to talk to you last night! I LOVE YOU TONS! Love the post too, but it makes me miss Cy :( I can’t believe he will be 2 in a couple of weeks! MY, how times fun when you’re havin flies :) !!

    Love you~

    Happy Mother’s Day!!! Love and miss you!

    Happy Mothers Day Misha! :) You are a great mom…Cylas is very blessed! i love you and miss you!

    14 May 2008, 11:33pm
    by James Wilder


    Happy Mother’s Day, Misha!

    17 May 2008, 4:26pm
    by Music Eloquence


    Misha, that is priceless. How romantic. Something about it makes me want to cry from the sheer beauty and raw pureness of the descriptions. That’s prettier than listening to a Beethoven Sonata… dead serious!! I really hope you pursue your writing career. You have such a way with words… not to mention that imagination of yours. BTW there’s nothing lonely or depressing about it… its so true and you portrayed it soo lovely.

    Hope you’re doing terrific. I love you.

    Well, thank you. It really did come from my heart. I don’t sit down very often and write like that anymore. It felt nice to let some of my emotions out.
    I was about to call you the other day…I hope you’re doing fine too…I do miss you


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