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    I’m going to write a fairly large blog today folks, because I have been neglecting all of my faithful readers. So, get ready!! Well, I had meant to blog about this after it happened but, here I am at the end of the month and just getting to it. Around the beginning of this month there was a festival here, and it happened to land on one of the WARMEST days this year. It was 75 degrees that day(we haven’t seen that type of weather since!!). They had a small pet parade, which we missed, art booths, face painting, Taiko drumming, a medieval times demonstration and food! It was by far one of the funnest days here so far. We spent a lot of time down by the medieval times camp because we thought something fun was going to happen. It kind of did but, it wasn’t what we expected. There happened to be another tent adjacent to the funny looking knights and their smelly food that was full of drums and other acoustic instruments. Naturally, David was curious and soon we found ourselves in an all out drum circle!! It was very interesting to say the least. Cylas enjoyed himself too…

    And then about a week later we had a marshmellow roast. OR should I say BURNT roast…Cylas got a little carried away and soon we were having burnt mellows. We invited the neighbors, well some of the neighbors, over and we had such a giggling good time! They were so proud of their little toasty mellows. Our camp fire was small and Cylas was intent on making sure everything went into it. Ahh, the activities that arise in the height of boredom!
    During the summer, around here, everyone gets together and has campfires. Someone brings their guitar and everyone stares into the fire and thinks about faraway places…

    So, now we’re nearing the end of May and this Friday is Cy’s 2nd birthday!! Is anyone as amazed as I am about this?? It’s been two years since I had my little one? Does time REALLY go by that fast…or was I just busy??

    I have some exciting news posted on my other blog. Please, take a look…

    NO Make it stop! All these babies having birthdays! Wow! Our time with them is just flying by! Pretty soon they will be starting school! ):

    I know! Life is WHIRLING by(I hope the same thing happens for my stay here!!)

    Happy Birthday Cy! Grandpa Tony sends a bear hug and Nona sends lots of kisses! We miss you!

    Happy birthday Cylas!!! I cant believe you are already going to be two. You are such a handsome little guy and I hope your birthday is the happiest day ever!!!

    Aww misha its good to see that your still a “blogger.” I kept coming to your blog to see if there was an update on your lil’ familys life :) Looks like you are having fun and getting to know new people…

    and yes, i am as shocked as you are about cy turning 2!!! That is just crazy! I remember when you first had him :) however, i can say that he is getting cuter and cuter every day! Miss and love you all so much!!

    24 May 2008, 4:21pm
    by Music Eloquence


    That little festival sounds like fun. haha we just had one here and I totally missed it because I went fishing again. lol Oh no… i’m turning into the southern hillbilly’s wife. Just wait til you see an upcoming post of mine.

    Happy birthday little man. You are soooooo precious. you are a little boy version of your mommy. Take good care of her. xoxo


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