2 Jun 2008, 12:08pm


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  • New York — Sky!

    Ok, so we had a four day weekend and it was great!! We went to New York and spent a couple of days there before we picked up Skyler from the airport. The weather was gorgeous and we enjoyed it by walking in Battery Park and eating Cuban food at my FAV restaurant(which we took a picture at). Cylas loved the park and was running like a little crazy trying to touch and climbing on everything he saw! The next day we scuttled uptown to H&M and Daffy’s to shop for a sec and then walked the streets. They were having a street fair and shut down four blocks of some of the busiest streets in the city! We munched on gyros and sipped fresh squeezed lemonade. It was extremely refreshing. Then early Sunday we rolled out of bed to meet Sky’s 7am plane. What a disaster that turned out to be. As we were getting ready to leave , my cell phone rings and it’s Skyler calling to let me know he’s already there!! His plane had arrive a half hour early. I freaked out. Knowing that Sky’s worst fear was that we wouldn’t be there to meet him at the airport(and me promising that he shouldn’t worry because I would most definitely be there!!), I felt my trustworthiness as his older sister slipping. If I promise, I go through with it!! But, he was forgiving and such a trooper. He waited an hour for us and we had a good long hug after he rounded the corner to meet me. On the way back to PA, he and Cylas played and Cylas was sooo happy to see his uncle Sky! He kept calling his name trying to get his attention and then finally they both fell asleep.This first video is of Cylas running in Battery Park. I wish I could have caught a clip of him waving at all the construction workers on their lunch break. The smiles that creased their faces as my little piece of sunshine walked by waving and saying “hi” was priceless.

    This second video was taken on the way home and it’s Cylas saying Skyler’s name!! I was amazed at how quickly he picked up the pronunciation!

    I LOVE NY! And Battery Park is great too! Looks like you had fun! (:

    :) Cylas makes me smile too! He is such a sweetie…glad sky was able to come see you! Have fun! Love you

    3 Jun 2008, 12:23am
    by Faith Maria Lopez


    Ahhh…I miss you guys a bunch, can’t wait to see you, whenever you come out.hehe.
    I miss Cylas sooo much, I can’t wait to hear him talk in person!

    3 Jun 2008, 12:33am
    by James Wilder


    NYC – love it. How adventurous for Skyler to fly by himself! Brave guy! Battery Park…great shops near there. I miss that place. You’re lucky to live close enough for a RoadTrip here and there.
    Glad to here from you guys.

    3 Jun 2008, 12:34am
    by James Wilder


    Hey I see all the new addition bloggers….hmmm…what does a man have to do? :)

    Dolya hes so cute. I cant believe how big hes getting!


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