5 Jun 2008, 9:50pm


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    So, Skyler has been here all of four days. It doesn’t feel like it at all! Every morning I’ve made hash browns and eggs (per Sky’s special request) and this Saturday morning we’ll be having french toast and scrambled eggs. He is having such a blast with the kids here and doesn’t want to leave. By the end of the first day, he said pointedly “I want to live here”. Heh! Our property is sandwiched between 18 children, soccer and hockey. The kids run back and forth to each others homes to play and are always busy with something-eruther. Skyler’s gotten into the groove and waits impatiently for the kids to get home from school at four and he shoots out the door with out another word. But, in the morning time he plays with Cylas. Cylas has taken to following him and calling his name “Kyerrr, Kyerrr, Wrrr Kyerr?” This morning they brushed their teeth together and Cylas insisted on wearing one of Sky’s hats(the special blue Spiderman one!), some shoes that were too big and put on backwards. They were set! We went out to the garden and I pulled weeds while they threw the Frisbee and kicked around a deflated soccer ball. Cylas got away from me and managed to pull down a ten speed bike on top of himself causing more of a scare than anything. He was wet from falling into the plants and scared because this big metal thing attacked him. But, it all ended fine.
    And now a little side note on Cy’s progress as a recently turned two year old, it’s going great! He’s getting more skilled at the whole spoon and fork thing. And since he’s turned two I don’t think he’s sat but three times in his high chair. He insists on sitting on the bar stools to eat(which is a bit scary for me) but he manages! Also, he’s very fond of trying to drink out of the big boy cups on his own. It starts with a muffled giggle and then he starts to slurp. It usually ends with most of it down his shirt and half of his lunch floating in the cup. It’s a work in progress. I snapped a few photos of him today munching on Mac and Cheese.

    Oh my word… Cylas is growing like a weed. He is soooo cute. I cant wait till you all come out here and visit. Love you. :)

    6 Jun 2008, 5:30pm
    by James Wilder


    He’s a cute little boy. I love it.

    Thanks guys…he’s really turning into a good little man. He’s still wild and hyper as ever but, he respects David and I and it shows. I’m really proud of him! (James, notice you’re on my blogger list now..heheh)


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