7 Jun 2008, 2:00pm


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    Last night was really pleasant! David took us out for dinner and then we walked around downtown Selinsgrove, a neighboring town here in PA. There was an art walk going on so we drifted in and out of the little shops looking at what was for sale. One lady was selling her awful paintings, sorry but they were, for $1000 to $8000! Unbelievable! They were serving wine, cheese and veggies though. It was a nice set up but painful to look at. Our tummies were full of baby back ribs, bbq chicken, cheese burgers, cornbread and french fries. Needless to say, we passed on the wine and cheese..heh. After picking our way through tiny boutiques, art and coffee shops we stopped at my FAVORITE place of all — the book store! Full of used and rare books the prices were just right. I got Brothers Karamozov; David got Capitalism by Ayn Rand and Skyler got Stuart Little. I was sooo happy. It was definitely better than desert. Speaking of desert, we went to the edge of town and got ice cream to top our evening off. It was such a nice relaxing evening and much awaited. Once we returned home Skyler was off to the neighbor’s house to watch the boys play hockey and I scooted over to the other neighbor’s to greet some old friends. By the end of the night, we were tuckered out and it was 11 o’clock! Cylas’ eyes were drooping but he was still trying to read books in his crib. Finally, lights out and we slept.

    8 Jun 2008, 12:14am
    by Music Eloquence


    You are glowing. You look beautiful pregnant. I think I told you that before. …but I want to see your belly… take belly pics!!

    Awww, thank you. and I have taken a couple of belly pics now that I’m four months I’m starting to show more…YIPES!

    I love those little art “walks”. . . remember the one in New York where I bought my “tree” painting?? So fun!! I found another artist that I really like. . .her name is natasha wescoat. I will have to wait until I get a job before I obtain a piece of her artwork :-(

    10 Jun 2008, 5:39pm
    by Stephanie’s Blog


    i wish i could go and visit!!! :( I miss and love you guys so much!

    10 Jun 2008, 7:26pm
    by James Wilder


    how cool….Ayn Rand’s Capitalism…likely a great read, but anything by the Humanist Rand should be read in balance, eh?
    Skyler looks to be having such a good time. How cool for him to spend his summer.


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