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  • Curly Hair! = Frizzy in the humidity BLAH

    So, I’ve been scouting out different ways to take care of my hair and it’s been a real bear. Here are some tips that I’ve found to help the curly haired girl survive!

    Ok curly haired divas, this one is for you!
    Tip#1: Curly hair shouldn’t be shampooed it should only be conditioned. But, if you do happen to have sweaty moment or you’ve just gone swimming they suggest to use a half of a lemon mixed in with your portion of conditioner and then scrub in!

    Tip#2: Never brush your hair in the shower. It snaps your hair off and it ruins the natural pattern of your curls. Instead, you should run your fingers through your hair separating the tangles. Do not touch the scalp but start about a half inch from the scalp working through your hair, making sure each piece is covered in conditioner.

    Tip#3: Once you’ve finished, dry your hair with a paper towel. Yes! As odd as it sounds, a paper towel will not wipe off the product in your hair. You can re-use the paper towel or if you have long hair, like I do, use an old t-shirt to squeeze out the access water. You can also use a kerchief tied tightly around your head and use the blow dryer to dry through the kerchief. And on the rare occasion that you must use the deadly blow dryer, remember to always blow dry downwards, on low, keeping a fair distance from your hair so as not to completely dry it out.

    Tip#4: To keep away those inevitable frizzies you can take a paper towel and spread gel onto it and lay it on top of your head, allowing it to soak into the top where the frizzies live! And, instead of letting the outside, humid air dry your hair wear a kerchief until it is dry(if you do have to go out). Also, you can invest in satin pillow cases. They tend to be easier on curly hair than cotton ones which rub and frizz up your hair in the middle of the night.

    And one last tip for swimming: Before you jump in, rinse your hair with fresh water it reduces the amount of damage done to your hair with the chlorine(this is a good top for everyone!)

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