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    Last night I made fresh strawberry jam!! And of course, I didn’t have my camera. I accidentally left it at my in-laws. But, it was so much fun! First of all, my neighbors, bless their hearts, went to a strawberry farm and spent almost all day picking these berries. They came home with a bucket full just for me!! But, in order for me to make the delicious jam I had to pick all of the tops off of my strawberries and then rinse them. We stuck them in this processor and it oozed out mushed berries. Afterward, I used a big wooden spoon to stir the berries while sugar was being poured in. And then, we transfer everything to small containers to be frozen! So simple…
    But, by the time I got to bed it was 4 am. I might add that it wasn’t because I was a jam enthusiast. It was because one of my most interesting nights was followed by one of the worst sleeping nights ever! Cylas got sick and started puking, which in turn, made me puke and start crying while Cylas was screaming because his tummy was killing him. Let me just say this…I’M GLAD IT’S OVER!

    So, I promised some photos of Luke, the sweet little kid next door. And I have more of the boys playing on this monster slip and slide that my dad bought for Cylas but, the big boys took it over. David made it into this gargantuan slide that started from the top of our hill and went all the way down to the bottom. It was hysterical to watch. David took Cylas down…or should I say he gentle pushed our naked little stinker down the slip-n-slide while we watched and laughed. Cylas slide on all fours like a puppy on ice. What great fun! Also, the kids around her are obsessed with hockey and soccer. So, Cylas has started to copy them! He’ll grab their helmets and try to put on their roller blades so he can join in. Sky is also learning how to play these new sports. Here is Luke, Cy and David! (in this photo Cy is wearing Luke’s helmet and David is holding one of their homemade hockey sticks)

    And, David made our kitchen table! It’s sooo wonderful. I can’t believe how awesome it looks. So, we used it for the first time the other night and ate shishkabob’s, spanish rice, salad and ice cold lemonade. I used lettuce from our garden for the salad! We don’t have any chairs yet, so it’s a little empty but, it’s better than nothing. We’re not sure if David will make the chairs or if I’m going to hunt down some nifty, unique finds in the thrift stores around here.

    WOW! David…VERY cool table! Mish…I think some thrift store chairs for sure…too fun! Love the mix-match chair look.

    You live in beautiful country, that’s for sure!

    Miss you!

    28 Jul 2008, 3:09am
    by skylerizm’s


    that wase the cooooooooooooooolest slipinslide ive ever seeeeeen.


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