16 Jul 2008, 11:40am
life Of Food and Love:

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  • Of Food And Love: Back from my HOME back to the cows and chickens!

    What an unbelievably fun and invigorating trip! I managed to be with and stay with some of the most important people to me. I had such a great time going from home to home from experience to experience. And now that I’m back here it feels almost like a dream that I was there. During my stay, my tummy grew and Cy learned more English! It seemed like overnight he was saying new words and speaking more than ever! It was great. On the last weekend of our stay, I went to Monterrey and Carmel with Sarah, Kissa, Ryan and Clayton. It was great! It felt so awesome to be at the beach. The sand in Carmel was like silk and the air was so refreshing. We spent the day toodling around and then later that evening grabbed something to eat and headed over to the Forrest Theatre to see a play!While we were walking around Carmel we stopped into a gallery that had sculptures and I just fell in love!! They were so beautiful and I wished that I had to money to drop $6000 on those pieces of art. The artists name is Richard MacDonald http://www.richardmacdonald.com/ . Take a look at his site. The first sculpture you will see if of a very famous Russian Ballerina named Rudolph Nureyev. It was said that this man was the perfect model of the human body and this after hundreds of men with all types of athletic backgrounds were examined. As you’ll most likely read on the site, Richard only uses live models after which to make his sculptures. One of his sculptures included three wild cheetahs that came with their trainer into his studio for 2 weeks!! I sat with the art consultant for about 20 minutes just talking about the different pieces. It was so nice!Spending time with my friends felt incredibly awesome and a little selfish!! I kept looking around for Cylas and feeling like I was being a bad mommy for not taking him with us. A part of me just couldn’t let go and COMPLETELY enjoy myself. But, the part that did let go had a blast!! When we finally made our way to the Forrest Theatre and sat down in anticipation for the play to start we were intensely disappointed to discover that NONE (all but one) of the actors could sing, dance or act!! It was sooo horrible…like cherry Robitesson! We couldn’t keep from laughing and eventually had to leave. What a great memory though…
    Here is a picture of us making sad faces because we didn’t get to see a good play.

    HAHHAHA CHERRY ROBITUSSIN!!!! EXACTLY!! So glad that you were able to come. . . had a blast!!! Thanks David for your sacrifice!!!

    Love you all!

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