22 Jul 2008, 9:10pm
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    So, I’m almost six months along…(this Thursday will mark the date!) and so much has taken place. First, we’ve been here in PA for four months: Second, David felt the baby kick his hand for the first time last Thursday!: Third, Cylas is doing SO well on potty training. I can’t tell you how many puddles I’ve cleaned up and poopy diapers I’ve caught in mid-air as he flings them off in disgust yelling, “Poo-poo!”: Fourth, I’ve started guitar lessons and last of all, our garden this year is DEFINITELY a practice garden….HAH. I won’t show you pictures it’s too embarrassing. next year, next year…
    This is pregnancy for me is so different than my first. I was so sick the first two and a half months and terribly tired. I’m still tired but, I can function, barely, without a nap. And I don’t remember paying attention to the times of day Cylas would decide to kick but, with this one I have. It’s almost every three hours. I really enjoy feeling her move around and kick me. If I take a deep breath, she’ll kick me in appreciation. Now, when I was pregnant with Cy I dreamed about a baby who had dark curly hair and these magnificant green eyes. Uhhhhm, ok, Cylas got the hair but, his eyes are darker than mine! Now, with this baby I constantly get the feeling that she’s going to have light colored hair that curls widly around her head and her eyes are a lovely blueish-green. We’ll see…someone PLEASE remind me that I wrote this post so I can look back at my stupidity.
    At any rate, this pregnancy feels like it’s REACING along. I mean, I only have three more months left!! Wow! Life is amazing in so many ways…

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