27 Jul 2008, 1:06pm
Of Food and Love:


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  • Of Food And Love: Homemade Buttermilk Biscuits, Buttermilk and Potty Training!

    Oh my goodness, we have been busy this past week. David just celebrated his twenty-eighth year of life on earth! And his request was to have a small gathering with family and friends and that I make shishkabobs. It’s fast becoming a tradition around here those things. And yes, they marinated for twenty-four hours and were grilled to perfection by the bbq master himself, David. I made a fruit salad: fresh watermelon, farm fresh plums and some kiwi. We had mash potatoes, generously made by his mother, and a couple of other Russian salads. It was so nice. We sat down to dine at David’s table(the one he made). We had a good time. Unfortunately, David was stung by a bee moment’s before the guests started to arrive! His foot swole up SO bad. He taped some leaf to the bottom of it to help with the poison and I told him to put mud on it instead…he called me crazy…Well, aside from bee stings and parties I’ve been busy looking up new recipes to add to my collection! I found out how to make buttermilk! So, I did it. It took about sixteen hours to become perfect and boy was I proud of myself! It was just a scoop of this, that and letting it set. It wasn’t hard at all. BUT, I wanted to do something with it afterward. So, I looked up a recipe for buttermilk biscuits. Oooh my! I did it! I did it all myself! I can’t believe it. I’ve NEVER made something from scratch like that before. And they were sooo fluffy and soft, baked to perfection. I topped mine with honey from a farmer up the way and butter. This too is going to become a Kelbatyrov household tradition.And last but not least an update on potty training. Cylas is doing TREMENDOUSLY well for only just turning two and taking so well to the toilet training! He tells me that he needs to go and then makes a mad dash. Sometimes, he flips up the lids himself and tries to complete the task without any assistance. Needless to say, my new name is “Puddle Queen”. I’ve cleaned up more puddles than I should talk about! But, it’s so much fun to see him growing like this.
    P.S I can post the buttermilk: milk and biscuits. Requests!

    28 Jul 2008, 2:59am
    by skylerizm’s


    thank you for that comment that made me cry. i wish i wase there when you made that stuff.it must of benn good how many did david have? i cant waite to see you in november.love you.

    your brother skyman donbeon

    I too have been trying to make more tghnis from scratch. These look delicious!I always use vinegar and milk for buttermilk. If I buy a carton, I never use it all before it goes bad.

    16 Nov 2012, 5:16pm
    by Mommy Hobbies


    Yeah, these are absolutely drool worthy. SO fattening but I won’t make any other kind :) And, yeah, I don’t have too many recipes that call for buttermilk. I do make buttermilk pancakes and then freeze the extras for the kids on school mornings! They love them!

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