8 Aug 2008, 1:46pm
Of Food and Love:


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    Since our move back East, I’ve had to come up with creative ways to keep myself busy. I wish I could tell you all that we live in a thriving metropolis where the fun never stops, but that would be a lie and then I’d go to hell. So as a temporary implant here, I’m learning the ways of the rural cowland people. Last night, I did two MONUMENTOUS activities. I made homemade peach jam with peaches picked from our trees and I made homemade bread! WOW! I couldn’t believe myself. Ever since my successful experience with buttermilk and buttermilk biscuits, I’ve been inspired to try different ‘farmey’ type activities. I figured that by the time winter comes I’ll know how to survive a blizzard…hah! I’m so worried about the snow and how cold it’s going to get here I’m already trying to creative a list of foods that I can cook that won’t entail me having to make a drive to the store. My next ‘farmey’ undertaking will be to can some of the tomatoes we harvested from our garden. Once I can them, then I will be able to make tomato soup. I also really want to learn how to make sour cream. At any rate, here are pictures of my happy customers!

    Seeing all of your smiling faces brought tears to my eyes. I miss you all SOOO much. The thought that came to my mind when I saw David’s smiling face was “I miss my big brother”. I kinda suprised myself. I have always called him my “brother-in-law” or “my sister’s husband”. You are officially my big brother David! (I hope you’re happy) lol
    Miss you guys!! (As Margie would say:…) Lots O’ Love

    Hey, Misha! Sounds like you are keeping busy. My mom in law made some strawberry jelly the other day for us and I have never tasted anything better! You’ll have to start ‘farmy’ classes when you come back home so all the rest of us can learn how to be good homemakers and provide homemade goodness for our own lovedones lol!

    YOUR BELLY!!!!! I LOVE IT!!! :-) :-)

    Aaawwww…you are definitely becoming quite the farmer’s wife!!!
    I am glad you are finding ways to keep busy. You look GREAT…I wish we could come share some of your yummy delicacies.
    Keep posting…you inspire me!

    Misha you look adorable! :)

    HEY MISH!!!! Say, can I have that list for winter foods? It’s only 68 Farenheit here, August, and I’m shivering!! um…it will soon be 40 below 0..I think I’ll be writing you a lot! hahahaha!!!

    30 Aug 2008, 1:07am
    by Music Eloquence



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