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    I would have to say the tomato has really gained my respect over the past month. And today it just earned the golden ticket. We made tomato soup! Well, I have to let everyone know that it started out as a ‘we’ project and quickly became a ‘David’ project. I was busy watching Cylas and his cousin and I started having contractions so I had to sit down a lot. But, David successfully canned six gallons of tomatoes from our garden!! He turned it into tomato soup and it’s AMAZING. This is soup is SO delicious. We are going to put the cans down in the basement in hibernation for winter. Unfortunately, we only have one can of peach jam left and that will only last one night after I make it into peach cobbler…mmmm. So, now, we have strawberry jam, peach jam, pickled tomatoes and canned tomato soup! I have no idea what we’re going to try and do next. Actually, I do. David and I decided that we will can up some homemade pancake mix and store that for the winter as well. Grant it, it’s not REALLY canning, but it’s storing away food for the winter just the same. David is really good at this canning stuff though…hahah. After washing all the tomatoes, he cut the stems and then quartered them. He then chopped the onions and celery. Once the veggies were done they were put into a big pot along with parsley and whole cloves and turned on high so they could boil. Once boiled they were transferred over to the processor, which we borrowed from a Mennonite family. At that point, it’s just cranking all of the veggies through and turning them into liquid and a fine mush. We caught all the liquid in about three bowls and then tossed it back into the pot and added the ‘thickening’. Once it thickened, the soup was canned and processed and set out to cool. Our house smells great. Here is Cylas enjoying some fresh homemade tomato soup!!

    Love it! I’m going to have to try making soup sometime:)

    8 Sep 2008, 7:13pm
    by The Bingamans


    Hey I forgot to give these to you on sunday, but I have coupons for canning gear. Boy I bet you never thought you would hear this in your lifetime, but “I found some canning coupons and thought of you!” haha I think the fresh air out there is getting to you! I think we need to at least move you in a little closer to town! haha

    “Kelbatrov’s Homemade Tomato Soup–made fresh daily”!!! You guys could open a business! hahaha! That is SO cool, you are lucky to be able to grow stuff like that out there! (Or are you buying it? I guess I could do that, but the canning process still seems a bit mystifying to me. Congrats, it looks awesome!!)


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