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    And the best part is that coming from a two year old you never know what to expect! Cylas is now almost two and an half. As a bilingual child, his speech sounds VERY garbled and quit confusing to those who aren’t around him all of the time. I’m starting to make out more and more of what he is trying to say to us. His vocabulary is growing quickly and his comprehension level has raised considerably. Some of Cylas’ favorite activities, at this point, include reading, drawing and watching his Papa fly the cheap model airplane outside. Lately, I’ve noticed that Cylas has a keen interest in lines! He enjoys drawing them and making them with his toys. He will line up his cars, little people and bugs to form perfect little military fronts before he kicks them across the room….hah! And he insists that when he sits down to draw with his Papa that his Papa make шарики(shar-ee-kee/balloons) and then he’ll slowly draw the tails to each. I managed to catch some of his drawing time on film. It’s amazing the concentration that takes over him while he draws each of these lines.

    But, art doesn’t only show up in the way of drawing. He is also very creative and specific when he dresses up. For instance, when he sits on his rocking horse he MUST be wearing a cowboy hat. When he goes on a mission…he has to have his trusty back pack.

    As soon as the basement is ready, we will have an art wonderland ready for him to take part in. We’re planning a whole wall specifically for drawing whether it be with chalk, pencils, paints or markers. And an adjacent wall will be affixed with piping so he can climb! We’ll have music playing and other entertaining activities surrounding him.
    Watching him grow and develop his interests is amazing! I just have to keep up now…

    Thank you for posting him playing. I noticed he was drawing lines from the center of where the light in the balloon is. He is secure in his parents love. Deep down he knows he is the light of your lives.


    12 Sep 2008, 8:32pm
    by Nannie Florence


    I hope you know who I am
    I am enjoying reading you BLOGS
    I now have on if you can fideit I can’t tell you how LOL!!
    Nannie Flo

    12 Sep 2008, 8:34pm
    by Nannie Florence


    Oh I am in NEW Jersey right out side of Phia. Pa
    1hr from Atlantic city

    I think Cy is going to be a scientist just like his first babysitter and auntie, Amanda! That balloon looks like a spore!
    Love the video’s!

    ooooo!!! I love all the adventure! You sure have a creative young man on your hands. . . (reminds me of someone else. . hehe) I was thinking, while I was watching the videos, “wow. . how cool to capture these moments of him to view and remember for the rest of his/your lives” We really didn’t have access to that type of stuff when we were kids. . . just the regular video camera which was only taken out for special occasions and very poor quality at that!

    Miss you Mish!


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