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    Ok, I’m not very good at tagging and stuff…but, I’ll try.

    6 unspectacular things about me:
    1. I haven’t lost all my teeth
    2. I used to write stories and want to publish them
    3. I can’t stand eating fish
    4. Since I’ve been pregnant I’ve had overwhelming desires to eat CHALK and gravel…OMGoodness
    5. I used to play piano, drums and flute. Now, I play guitar
    6. I want to own a house in Europe
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    4. tag 6 other bloggers

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    I can’t think of any one else to tag

    MISHA! This is not good!! Chalk and gravel? I remember in my nutrition class this means you are deficient in some nutrients! I googled it for you and came across some finds; you might want to research this.
    “‘Pica’[craving chalk] is usually noticed in pregnant women, in people whose diets are deficient in minerals, people with psychiatric disturbances, or people whose ethnic customs include eating certain non-food substances.”–Is one of the quotes I found…I assume you’re only pregnant and don’t have a psychiatric disturbance. LOL!! Get some minerals in ya, girl! ;) I can’t remember, but I think you also need more Vitamin D, because craving chalk and/or gravel means that too. Can’t remember for sure.
    Love ya!

    Sorry, here’s more info:
    “It is generally thought that a desire to eat chalk is an indication of a calcium deficiency, so it is advisable that you visit a doctor for a check up as soon as possible. A calcium deficiency is not a medical emergency or even close to it, but it can certainly cause a lot of problems in the long run, and it is better to get it addressed as soon as possible, especially since the problem can be solved quite easily. However, although eating chalk tends to be associated with a calcium deficiency in the minds of most lay people, the habit is more often an indication of a deficiency in iron or zinc. Whatever the case may be, your doctor will help you determine what the cause is…Once you no longer have a deficiency, your body will stop craving chalk, and the habit will stop on its own.”

    Hahah, I know. I had another fellow preggo tell me. I couldn’t believe the OVERwhelming feelings I had to consume those minerals. I have started eating tums for calcium(and veggies) and the chalky texture they have. My craving has subsided considerably(THANK God!!). I don’t have it as often. WEird, huh??

    sorry girls but I am ROTFL!!!! pregnancy is the most awesome yet confusing thing!!!


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