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  • Of Food And Love: Baby Shower, Curtains, Desk…

    Cylas really enjoyed the cupcakes!

    LONG overdue…but, I did have a baby shower for Romalise about a week ago. It was so sweet. I was really worried about not having anything to start out with since I don’t have any girl clothing! But, the lovely people of this church surprised me and put on a very heartfelt shower for me and I was so grateful! I have a lot of Russian girlfriends out here and they showed up, helped put the shower on and also gave me gifts!! How sweet…They also had a table set up for the children. It was covered with coloring books, crayons, pencils small toys and tons of other goodies to keep the little ones busy.And then there was Mama Olga, David’s mom, Svetlana, Darla and Alicia. All of these women helped make this shower so memorable for me. Thank you SO MUCH!! David’s mom made a wonderful cake, she’s a good bake-ress, and I had pink sandwiches, a delicious assortment of Russian salads and colored punch with green globes of floating icecream.
    So, with winter around the corner I have been worrying myself silly with trying to get curtains up in Cy’s room. Although there is a heater vent in there, it is still much chillier than it should be. I have spent so much time trying to come up with a creative, yet inexpensive way to make sure his room is decorated how I want and his curtains were a big part of this. SO, after much searching we found JUST what we wanted at IKEA while we were in NYC last month. We brought the curtains home and they sat and sat waiting for a dowel rod and finials. It took me forEVER to find the finials I wanted, but I did. And it was at TARGET!!! I wanted cute little animals and we found monkeys or zebras. I picked zebras because everyone expects me to pick the monkey…hahah. SO, please ignore the awful wallpaper trim behind. It will be removed and enjoy the cute little finials and the perfect curtain setup!! His toys are soon to find new homes in these nifty cubicals with brightly colored boxes to eliminate the messy look. I’m every excited about it!

    Last but not the least of these is our desk setup. OMGoodness! I can’t tell you how David and I went back and forth over what we wanted. I wanted something a little more abstract and he wanted clean cut lines. I wanted a compact space in the middle and he wanted art drawers. Uhg, it was more than frustrating so we gave up on coming to a happy medium and just sulked for a while. Finally, while I was browsing through the Crate and Barrel catalog I found the perfect desk/shelf ensemble. David and I actually agreed on something, but we were put off by the almost $1000 price tag. So, I started surfing the net and found almost the exact pieces at Target for considerably less. We hopped in our car and drove the thirty minutes there only to find that they had sold out. How frustrating. But, a couple weeks later I get another Crate and Barrel catalog in the mail and this time the price has been slashed in half!! Knowing that we were headed to NYC in the next couple of weeks, we planned to stop in the city and pick it up there. We did and have never been happier. It totally fits what each of us were looking for and the price was soooo right. Please ignore the sparcity in decor. I haven’t quite yet settled on what I want to display. Also, I’m trying to convince David that he needs to repaint the walls…heheh.
    Enjoy everyone!!

    awww mish! i wish i could have been there for your shower. . . im glad you had such a good turn out though. wish you were home!

    Hi! I miss you so much! I really love the desk/shelf thing. It looks great! I can’t wait for you to come visit, or me come visit there.

    Love you very much. Tell David I said Hi!


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