30 Oct 2008, 1:04pm
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  • Of Food And Love: Changes

    So, last night was the first snow. And I can’t even say it was the first snow of winter! Can you believe it was 29 degrees here last night? We had the stove in the basement pumping out heat so we didn’t have to use the heater the whole night through. And during the day I keep the fire going as well. Winter’s cold fingers are tickling the backs of our necks letting us know she’s almost here. Oh, farm life…
    Not only is the weather changing, but our little one growing my stomach is changing and getting ready to make her debut in about three weeks. Unbelievable! And I’m all nerves. Cylas is such a curious and energetic little guy that it scares me to think I’ll have to control two babies at the same time. Yes, for those mother’s who have more than two…or more than four I stand in complete awe. And, I’m so glad that you can do it because I think I’m going to retire from being pregnant…hah. Having two children just seems so symmetrical and affordable and much more manageable!
    And on a sad note, I had to quit my guitar lessons. My stomach was getting too big and I would have contractions while I was playing…hahah. So, I have to wait to resume my lessons until AFTER the baby is born. Going to my lessons would bring me such joy. Honestly, it was like I took a happy pill or something. I looked forward to every Thursday. I’ll keep playing here at home so I don’t lose what I’ve learned, but it is quite the task trying to prop that guitar in a comfortable position so I can see my fingers…hehah. Oh well, in a few months I’ll be strumming again!

    Those guitar lessons were probably excellent for the baby too, Misha! That’s great you were playing! Music is so wonderfully theraputic and like brain food. Can you take some pics of yourself? I bet you look cute right now!! =)
    Well it’s 32 degrees here today….and “rain” expected tonight and tomorrow. Since it’s in the low 20s during the night, doesn’t the mean “snow”?? Agh! The weather man changes his mind every 5 minutes here though, so who knows if it will snow or not! =) I’m scared but excited at the same time! hahaha!


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