15 Nov 2008, 10:47pm
Chronicles Of A Stay At Home Mom

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  • Chronicles: There’s life as you know it….and then, there is reality

    BAM! Can I use the cliche, “it hit me like a ton of bricks”…I think this best describes the feeling I had today while sitting with my family, as I now know it, at Panera Bread. — side note: LOVE Panera Bread…it’s a 45 min drive away but sooo worth it!! — I looked over at David and said, “Honey, you know that this will be the last time we’ll ever go out to eat together like this. Next time, it’s going to be completely different”. We stared at each other and then started to chuckle. We looked at Cylas and marveled at the wonder we created and are raising. And now, we have another little wonder-ess that will be needing our tender love and care. It’s hard for me to imagine splitting my love in two…or maybe I’m not going to be splitting my love but only multiplying it. The nights we spend, just the three of us, strumming on the guitar, making paper hats, reading books, singing and snuggling are going to include a new member of the family. A little girl that will make everything sweet and sugary. This is going to be such a contrast to Cy’s high strung, energy driven desire to wrestle, build, catapult his toys across the room or just spin in circles screaming as loud as he can. Up until this point, Roma has just been “my stomach” and next week she’ll be here!! Now, my brain has to shift from boy to girl. How easy will this transition be? I suppose I’ll grow into it like I grew into Cy. Although, I must admit it was so easy to be a “boy mommy”. I wonder if Roma’s creativity will rival her brother’s. There isn’t a day that goes by where he finds something interesting to do with ordinary items. Notice the pieces of cheese on his head and hand in the photo? I took that one last night. Hmmm…move over snakes, bugs, elephants and tigers…because the dolls, Barbie’s and plastic high heels are going to be sharing your shelves soon.

    Hey Misha:
    This is Jana's sister-in-law (Scott's older sister). I enjoy reading your blog and thought I would comment on this post. I have a 3 (almost 4) yr. old boy, Dylan, and an 18 month old boy, Maddox. I remember feeling the same way you are feeling now. And the reality is that it does change after the second, but it is a wonderful change. But my advise to you is to trade time with your hubby with the baby for Cy. You will find that mommy automatically is dealing with baby and Daddy with Cy. I found myself longing to get Dylan to sleep or read him a story before bed. So sometimes I would ask my husband to take Maddox while I did things with Dylan. There was a few times I would try to take Dylan with me out and leave Maddox with Daddy at home. It really helped me deal with all those emotions that you are feeling right now. How am I going to stretch myself between two kids instead of just one? And I think it helped Dylan adjust to having a little brother knowing Mommy still had time for him too. It also helped Daddy bond with new baby. Just a little advise from a "mommy-of-two"!! Good luck next week, hope everything goes well with labor & delivery. I know Cy will be a great big brother and you will be a wonderful mother of two! Now 18 months later, I'm a pro with two kids ;) and couldn't imagine life any other way! (Sorry for the long comment!)
    Cheri Robinson


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