17 Nov 2008, 7:58pm


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    There are only a couple of places I can say that truly bring a sense of calm to my mind. First, and the most obvious, would be the presence of the Lord; second, my husband’s embrace; and third would be the library. And that is where I was today with my little munchkin! We browsed for about an hour. It was so relaxing. The library is one place where I can sit down and just enjoy sitting! I can’t even tell you what goes through my mind or why I find it so comforting. Most likely it was cultivated from the many years, as a young child, my mom would take my sisters and I to the local library and we would get piles and piles of books! You would never guess that we already had shelves crammed full of books at home. I remember how excited we would get when mom would tell us that it was library day! I think we would get the maximum amount allowed almost every time. Some books I would check out again and again…
    As I got older and was able to go on my own, I would bring home all the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boy books I could and stuff myself into a chair at home and just read. Unfortunately, books at the table were strictly forbidden, so I had to tear myself away for a couple hours for dinner time. But, if the parents weren’t there us girls would sit at the table slurping soup, eating pizza or munching on cereal with books shoved to our noses enjoying our secret sin. My mom always had books. As a matter of fact, one of her dreams was to have a small library of her own. At one point, a whole room in our house was full of bookshelves and packed from top to bottom with everything from history to art. And now, my little boy has his own mini-library in his room and soaks up every photo of bugs, plants, animals and underwater adventure he can. How many times he has scolded me for turning off the light too soon because he wasn’t finished reading, I can’t remember. And, going to sleep, whether a nap or for the night, without first reading a book is a crime to him. Is the love for books an inheritable trait!? Gracious, it sure seems like it.

    I can totally relate with your post!! I loved nancy drew and the hardy boys!! My mom and sisters are all ‘readers’ as well as Sydney!!! Jace, on the other hand, loves all technology… Especially the Wii…Lol

    17 Nov 2008, 11:12pm
    by James Wilder


    I confess.. I was a reader of both Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew books. Your description about the kitchen table was funny… it really is like that when you’re into a book.

    18 Nov 2008, 1:18pm
    by Jana Floyd


    Wow – this sounds like my life story!! I would get upset that I could only check out 15 books at a time. We lived 2 blocks from the public library growing up and we always walked over during the summer or drove in the winter with my mom. I feel the exact same way about the library…

    That was my family growing up also! In a family of 4 children, my mom had to put a limit on how many books we would get. We were checking out 40-50 books at a time as a family! And we would read every one of them. Yes, all of the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys. I wish I still read that much, unfortunately, I have let a busy mommy schedule end my love for reading. I think that will be a new year’s resolution for 2009. Thanks for the reminder of my love for reading!

    23 Nov 2008, 6:18am
    by Music Eloquence


    Oh my… That is so adorable about Cy. Noah loves his books too… just like his daddy. I hated to read growing up. Bless her heart; my mom tried. I was an outdoors “tomboy” as some called it. It wasn’t until I married my husband (who L O V E S books… almost as much as me heh!). I would come home and he would be sitting there reading a book. I’d say, “Hey, lets go rollerblading tonight.” “Hmmm?” “I said… oh nevermind. What are you reading?” He would tell me about it and then he’d pique my interest and I’d start reading it too. Not to mention, when we were first married, we lived right below Chad and Karla Adair (Karla who is an avid book reader). They would get into discussions about great reads with my husband and I’d feel left out. So I finally found some good stuff to read (that wasn’t all war, history, hunting, or animals) from Karla. I am indebted to them. I now LOVE to read.


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