21 Nov 2008, 9:42pm


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  • Snow, Cy and Slipping!

    Yesterday it started snowing. And well, it really snowed! We woke up to about three or four inches and it was super quiet. Have you ever noticed how the snow absorbs everything? The colors, sounds and even your thoughts it seems. Today I was sitting at our table looking out the window, eating soup and watching the snow twirl down. It was mesmerizing. And I started at each of those frozen parachuting water flakes and thought: scary! I know it sounds crazy but I’m so used to the comforting sounds of rain and how it lulls you to sleep or makes you want to read a good book. Snow, it’s so silent. And it makes you feel like you’re in one of those globes, trapped like Santa and his reindeer. Hmmm, not good.
    So, snow reminds me of danger. And speaking of which, yesterday I slipped and fell! I landed splat flat on my back, skinning my elbow and hurting my pride. I never fall. It was very disconcerting, considering I am 9 months pregnant. Needless to say, I went to the hospital and they hooked me up to monitor the baby for about four hours. Everything is fine; thank the Lord. But, in spite of my fall Cylas is an eager beaver to go out and play! This morning he saw the snow and starting screaming with delight and told me, “goodbye, momma”. He put on his snow boots and yelled for his jacket, my red knit hat and his mittens. David obliged and Cy tromped outside kicking the snow as he went. A full ten minutes went by before we made him come back in. He was having such a great time. His little nose was bright red and his cheeks chapped.
    The photos of our house I took right before I posted this blog…and the video of Cylas is right before the snow that evening. (this is Cylas in his NEW snowsuit!!)

    Hey Mish! How’re you doing? My mom said she talked to you like on Tuesday, and that you’re due any time! Wow! I’m really excited for you, and really glad you didn’t get hurt in that fall. It’s a new experience walking around on ice, isn’t it? LOL Aydin has to lead me around everywhere, especially when we go to church because people still wear their heels and stuff. So we were coming down the steps out of church the other night and BOTH of us slid together! LOL Luckily we didn’t fall, but we went skidding about a foot or so! hahaha!
    Yeah, I know what you mean about the snow. It’s absolutely absorbing. I kind of like the mystery of it, but it makes me also feel extremely melancholy which I don’t like. So that’s when I turn up the music and jazzercise-house clean. LOL! Not much else to do, right?
    Your house is really cute!!!!!!!

    Give that boy a snow shovel! Please be careful! We love you and will miss you this Thursday!
    Happy Thanksgiving!


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