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    “Mommy, I wuv yew”. OH, my goodness, how my heart melted. Last night was the first time Cylas told me he loved me — unprompted! He came up to me with his brown eyes bright and innocent. He hugged me and said the words every parent melts to hear. As most of you know, we have a bilingual home. My husband speaks to him in Russian, as do I, and I speak to him in English. It has taken a while for him to start putting words together to form sentences so this was huge! My little boy…Now, today is the first day of winter but yesterday might as well have been due to how much snow poured from the grey skies. Cylas, David and the neighbor boys stayed outside for hours shoveling snow, sleding, having snowball fights and building a most odd looking snowman!! I happened to be in the back of the house when I heard a strange scraping sound. I peaked out the window in time to see Cylas fly by on a sled — by himself!! I watched as he coasted down the hill and softly bumped into a shed at the bottom and come to a stop. His face was frozen in the biggest smile….hahah. It was very sweet. This kid lives for the snow. He knows how to get his jacket down from the coat closet, put his boots and gloves on all by himself and then he escapes to the outdoors without asking! (if you notice in the last photo, his gloves are WAY too big…that’s because they are David’s)

    22 Dec 2008, 12:56am
    by Music Eloquence


    That is so precious!!! I would have been a puddle on the floor. Noah has started putting words together and repeating just about anything we tell him to. When he says “Mommaleigh, I hold you for a minute,” I turn to jelly. Or sometimes I hear him playing with his TJ bear (that opens and closes his mouth, eyes, ears, and hands while telling the story) and he’ll say “Stop it right now… (pause)… hear me?” I crack up laughing. Our babies are getting so big so fast.

    Awesome Post! It warms my heart.

    Cylas flying by on a sled. I can visualize his delight!

    I’ve never seen a snowman with fingers like that!

    You know Cylas loves you by his actions, but it is a huge deal when he verbalizes his heart.

    Your a good mother Misha.

    ~: )

    Aw Misha how sweet ;) Cylas is growing up so fast its hard to believe! Looks like you all are having fun in your “winter wonderland!” It looks like it will be fun to actually have a white Christmas. And that snowman…..you can definitely tell David had some part in it lol. Oh and I love Cylas’ huge gloves ha ha too cute =) Well I miss you all and can’t wait to your beautiful baby girl! Love you!

    Wow! Very talented! Your children are adorable!!!! Can’t wait to see Cy and meet Roma!


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