2 Jan 2009, 10:54pm


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  • Happy New Year! :: rah, rah! ::

    We brought the New Year in with shouts, yelps and kisses in David’s cousin’s front room. I was holding Roma and Cylas was hanging on my leg a bit loopy from lack of sleep. David leaned over and gave me a nice kiss and so our New Year started sans resolutions. Can you believe I haven’t even made one!? I’m still working on last year’s…hahah. I’ve made incredible headway on my goals and will continue with my efforts as this year takes flight. Maybe I should clarify and say that I didn’t fail at completing last year’s resolution, I’m merely continuing the promises I made to myself. It’s been great fun.
    Having my sister here with me has been WONDERFUL. She came with us and it really helped me feel a little bit of home while away from home…you know? While we were there we met a lot of people from Olga and Troy’s church. They were very engaging and made us feel right at home. We sat around eating tons of food and playing Pit. The kids ransacked the house and the adults congregated in small circles discussing all subjects across the board. And after the New Year rang in I quickly made my escape upstairs with the kids and tried to fall asleep. I say ‘tried’ because Roma was not letting me and there were a few stragglers sitting in the foyer talking. And those stragglers included my sister, Olga, David and a couple from their church. They stayed talking until SIX the next morning!! My night was full of tossing, turning and drowsy moments when I could hear and comprehend what they were saying. I found myself giggling in my sleep but I couldn’t tell you what I found so funny. Everything melted together and sort of sloshed out of my brain. *sigh*
    So, the next day we were all tuckered and spent the remainder of the evening moving slowly trying not to knock our brains around too much. fun, fun!!

    3 Jan 2009, 5:45pm
    by Music Eloquence


    awwww that looks like you had a really good time. Yeah, its different having a baby on New Year’s Eve, isn’t it? We were in bed by 11:30 after coming home early from a party. At 12, Jeremy leans over and very calmly says, “Happy New Year!” haha I just laughed and said it back just as calmly since Noah was sleeping in his room. Oh how life changes things.

    PS I bet you’re the one who brought the veggie tray.

    Aw, Mish, I love reading your blog…it always makes me miss you though! The part where you described listening to people and giggling at whatever you couldn’t remember, and it “all sloshed out of your brain”…I think you’ll always be Misha. Hope I get to see you soon! Happy New Year!!! (Cylas is getting tall! wow!)


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