29 Jan 2009, 1:36pm


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    Ooooh, I really dislike the two month check up. It’s really overwhelming. They have to stab your little precious with needles! So, that’s why I asked my wonderful husband along so he could stay in the room while they gave Romalise her shots. I remember when Cylas had to get his. I had to look him in the eye while he was smiling at me knowing what was going to happen to him and watch his face break into a cry of anguish as the poked him three times. It’s awful. So, this time I handed the job over to David. I sat out the waiting room with Cylas. Yesterday’s visit was planned very well. Cylas was being seen for an ongoing problem he’s had and Roma was getting the one, two. She tips the scales at a whopping 11.15 oz!! She’s 23in long. What a little chunk compared to her brother at that age. And we found out during Cy’s check-up that he’s 28.5lbs! He kept wanting to get on the scale…so, the doctor checked his weight like three times. After Cy was finished, he and I scooted out the door to wait for Roma. While we were in the waiting room, I get a call from David, “Uhh, honey they were going to do the shots today, right?”. Hahahah! He’d been back there for about 5 min waiting for the nurse to arrive. I assured him that, yes, the shots were scheduled for today and that they should be in there any minute. About two minutes later, I heard Roma screaming…Uhg! When she came out, she gave me the biggest, little smile ever through her tears and then started sniffling and crying again. It broke my heart…poor baby girl. Until next time…

    I loved everything about having a newborn except for two things, lack of sleep and the SHOTS!!! I always cried, silly I know, but I did. I still try to have my husband take them for their booster shots. (Just wait until they can kick the nurse, it’s great!) j/k

    29 Jan 2009, 7:34pm
    by Jana Floyd


    Wow, Misha! She is so beautiful in this picture! And Cy loves the scale! Most kids FREAK OUT over it! Hehe!

    Sweet Roma and Darling Cy! Can’t wait to see you all! Don’t worry Misha, the kids don’t remember the shots!

    31 Jan 2009, 1:20am
    by Rachel Malone


    Aww your kids are so cute and precious! Miss you bunches!


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