7 Feb 2009, 11:39pm

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    So, as most of you know, the library is one of my top favorite places to spend my time. An hour and a half can sail by and I won’t even realize it. Cylas will busy himself with toys, books and story hour! This past Tuesday the story hour had a snow theme. The librarian who reads the books narrates with such an energy. Her voice carries very well and she can draw the attention of all the eager little library go-ers so easily. Cylas sat through two of the four books before his little bottom could not longer handle sitting and he hopped up in the middle of the group and ran to grab the snowman who had been tempting him the whole time she was reading. He proudly showed me his prize before I made him put it back. Finally, just too fidgety to handle it any more he walked off calling me after him, “Common mom, let’s go”. So, we moved back to the other part of the library where he didn’t have to sit still and he could do what he wanted amongst the piles of books.Now, it’s Saturday and we’ve dedicated this day of the week to family time(along with Monday night prayer). We look forward to this day and plan events from picnics to volleyball to museums. And today was no exception. We went to Reptiland! It was the first time Cylas actually sat through a presentation due to his interest being piqued. It was so nice. Before the presentation, we walked through a building that housed all of the smaller reptiles and amphibians. Cylas made us go around the whole place three times before he was satisfied that he had seen everything. Once we were done there, the presentation started and to make the adventure even better he got to pet a real live snake and crocodile. Here we are before the show…Cylas was very eager…

    He was so excited during the presentation that it was hard to keep him on my lap. Wiggling and squirming he tried to convince me that it was ok for him to get up on the stage and touch the crocodile. He managed to hold out until the little reptile came around in the arms of the keeper. As soon as the little croc was within reach, Cylas promptly squeezed the poor thing around the belly. Oh, well, you live and you learn…

    =) I can’t wait to see you all at No limits! Miss you!!


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