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  • Fertilizer, Taquitos, Rashes and Octopus — Oooh, it’s a grab bag today folks!

    So, when one thinks of spring peaceful images come to mind and the sweet smell of budding trees and flowers fill the nostrils, chirping birds are heard and you start to wish for the dog days of summer. Not here my friends in this part of the woods it smells like, well, poop! I’m sorry, but when you live in Amish/Mennonite country you can’t escape the spring time fertilization of the fields. Just as I was getting excited because I heard a bird chirp outside my window for the first time in months, I gagged at the smell coming from the back side of our house (oh Lord, there is just no getting around the play on words with that one!!). So, I stepped out to take a video clip for you all to enjoy. This process takes a couple of months and it happens over a week’s time causing me to shudder at the rumble of the trucks gusting down our road.

    Now, on to a more appetizing subject: Taquitos!
    I’m not sure on the wisdom of putting fertilizer and food in the same blog post…but, hey, it makes for a great read, right? So, my last blog I spoke about making taquitos. I did, and they were fantastic! I used the left over meat from my Crock Pot Chicken Tacos and rolled it into corn tortillas to deep fry. It was very easy and scrumptious. I served it with homemade refried beans and sour cream. I am going to freeze them for future lunches.

    Here is the recipe for Crock Pot Chicken Tacos:

    4 chx breasts (boneless skinless)
    1 Jar of your favorite salsa
    Half packet of Original Old El Paso Taco Seasoning
    :: Put chx breasts in crockpot. Dump the whole jar of salsa on top. Pour half of the Taco seasoning on top and cook for 4 hours on high or 6 hours on medium.
    (adjust the amount of chx according to family size. I usually make half because it’s just David, Cy and I who eat). Get creative and use the meat for quesodillas, taquitos or burritos!

    Ok, so, my little Roma is suffering from a rash! I have no idea how she got it or when it will go away but it looks awful! Her little face is the only part of her body that was affected and I think it itches her. I’m so sad. It’s been a week and it has pretty much stayed the same. It seemed to be going away but I’m not sure. If it doesn’t clear up in a couple of days I’m going to take her in to the doctor. Other than that, she is the happiest little stinker ever. She even smiles at me when I’m changin her diaper. Her little gums peek out at me from between her lips and she makes little gurgling sounds. Oooh, what a cutie-patootie and if you haven’t seen her yet, you’re missing out…yes, you sure are.

    On our last visit to the library, we picked up the funniest book. Well, it’s not funny, really, it’s only a book about the alphabet but the illustrations are what make it hysterical. Cylas was so caught up in the picture of the octopus. He said it was scary it was really cute. He calls it an “Opticoos”. I tried to download the video but it was too large. Sorry guys, it was so cute too!

    Oh Misha,
    The video of the truck spewing cow dung is enough to make a person heave! I can only imagine the smell. Poor lil Roma, her face looks almost like an allergic reaction? Hope it clears up soon.
    I am counting down the days til you guys are here, as I am sure your mom and sisters are too!

    those taquitos sound yummy… made me hungry! i’m stealing your recipe!

    10 Feb 2009, 3:02pm
    by buckeyemama


    I also have the wonderful smell of poo surrounding my house. They start at 6AM and quit at 9PM.

    My son has a similar looking rash on his face. I got some cream at Babies R US that is for extreme itch/dryness/redness and it really seemed to help.

    Mmmmm those toquitos sound delicious!

    I lived in AL for most of my life and it might not be Amish country, but they sure do belive in STINKY fertilizer! This will be my first spring in KY and so far I have not smelled anything rank but who knows what is in the weeks to come?

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