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    So, a week ago D gets a phone call , from an old classmate, inviting us to a V-Day dinner. Not sure whether we should accept, he told them we would think about it. It was a toss up between a small cafe dinner(which we hoped would be open on V-Day!!) or dinner with his classmate and wife at their church. Well, as soon as I found out that it was Richard and his wife inviting us, there was no hesitation. I wanted to go to their church. You’re probably wondering why I was so eager. Well, they are Mennonite. How many chances are there in a life time to visit a Mennonite church? And we were invited no less. Ok, so, now, we know what we’re doing for V-Day but now I’m stuck with the dilemma of what to wear! I’m already going to be a spectacle because I’m brown. There is no playing that down. But, I could at least try to blend in. Uhm, wait, there is no doing that either. Ok, so, hair up, hair down, long skirt, short skirt, long sleeves or 3/4, colors, or black clothing? Uhhgg! And then, I remembered that all of the women wear their hair up, pinned neatly behind their pray caps. So, there was one problem solved — hair up. Now, for the skirt, I was hoping that I could possibly wear black, but Roma puked up on me and then I sat in it. Yeah, that skirt is in the dry cleaners…so, I’m out a skirt. The next best thing would be brown. That isn’t too bright, right? So, brown it was with a 3/4 sleeved blouse and my hair pinned up neatly on the back of my head. I tried folks…but as you can see, I still look like a black sheep in the middle of a field of cotton *sigh* Here we are with Richard and his wife Twila:
    What a sweet couple. We had a great time chatting it up. It was interesting to hear the Pennsylvania Dutch spoken. It was splashed around in the conversations making me feel a little confused at times. One minute I could understand and the next minute I thought I was hearing things. But, they mainly spoke English. All of the men had beards and wore either a solid shirt with the top button undone or a top coat with no collar. There were a couple of women who wore patterned material but most were dressed quite plain. The food was awesome! And I couldn’t wait to eat so when it came time I loaded my plate up. I was salivating by the time we sat down. And then, I lost my appetite. Twila plopped her plate down across from me and there was hardly a potato on it! I look to my left and the pregnant woman next to me had even less than her! Across from me, the woman with the cute laugh had only a couple spoon fulls of food. OMyWord!! Yeah, my plate was heaped with steaming potatoes, chicken, green beans and bread. I had the same amount of food on my plate as Twila’s husband. D and the other two guys also had a full plate like me. I stared at my food and felt like a pig. So, I began eating — quickly. I mean REALLY quickly. I wanted to get AS MUCH food off my plate as possible. Horrified, I watched as they cut their already miniscule servings into even SMALLER pieces!! Halfway through my meal, I decided I couldn’t be bothered with it anymore and if they thought me a pig, well, then so be it! I was hungry. And, I did eat everything on my plate, save a spoonful of stuffing.
    They had a presentation that was quite nice. It was the cleanest humor you’ve ever heard. But, it was very entertaining. All of the women tittered. Have you ever heard someone titter?? And although I stood out they really made me feel welcome. Everyone was so friendly. Grant it, a lot of them knew D from when he first immigrated to this country. He and his family attended this Mennonite church for several months until more Russian families moved into the area. I would love to go back and visit them on a Sunday. Now, that would be an experience as they enforce a strict seating code. Women on one side of the sanctuary and men on the other. What a deal. I did manage to take a video to give you all a feel for the place.

    16 Feb 2009, 6:01pm
    by James Wilder


    Misha, you are so funny!

    “I’m already going to be a spectacle because I’m brown.”

    You write like a Mark Twain-type novelist at times. Cracks me up.

    I just watched a documentary on the Shakers, which spawned other Utopianist-type groups like the Mennonites (which are Calvinists in theology as I understand). I would have wanted to attend as well!

    16 Feb 2009, 6:06pm
    by James Wilder


    Quick corrections after mulling over my old Church History classes… Mennonites are Calvinists (similar to baptists) but actually came from the Anabaptists and many years earlier than the Shakers. Their similarities are in the Utopian-community idea, and pro-peace/nonviolence stances. Many of them were persecuted greatly during the times of Protestant Refromation.

    Also, it was the Quakers that many groups spawned out of, not the Shakers which came afterward.

    16 Feb 2009, 6:09pm
    by James Wilder


    and the group that split off from the Mennonites in the late 1600′s followed a man named Jacob Amman… thus, the “Amish”.

    16 Feb 2009, 7:11pm
    by Samantha and Stephanie


    you look great! i’m sure they looked at you as we look at our visitors…come as you are and love them all. i love our church sign here in wisconsin – NO Perfect people allowed!!

    Interesting experience! Skyler wanted to know where did Cylas stay?

    He stayed here with D’s mom

    You are cute and so is your blog! I enjoyed your story. Thanks.
    Found this blog from ring around the rosey.


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