20 Feb 2009, 4:54pm


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    Top of the list is: Handmade Goodness Giveaways Project! Please be sure to ENTER. Just click the link (when there is one) at the top of the most recent post! This project is in an effort to promote local and independent artists. Crafters, photographers, designers (of all types) -- man, woman or child all are welcome. Each giveaway will feature a different artist with a different talent, please join, if you will! Contact me: mommyhobbies [at] gmail [dot] com
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  • Catching plastic bees and whistling Dixie!

    There are many ways to entertain yourself as a two and a half year old. Of course, parents always like it when the fun is supervised and doesn’t result in mass chaos. The other night D and Cy did one of their favorite activities together — flying their bee. A gift he received from his Grandpa, my dad, this past Christmas. Nothing infatuates him more than flying objects, especially ones that are of epic sizes like this bee! So, intent on catching the rascal, he dug through my cooking utensils to find the perfect net. A strainer — and this tool was wielded with such skill and zeal. All the real bees are sleeping for the winter so, the next best thing to do is get a fake one and chase it around the house with a small pulp strainer. Take note…

    And Cy’s most recent endeavor is whistling. He tries very earnestly. And if that fails he grabs his trusty Curious George flashlight with the whistle on the end and summons me to his room to play trains, read books or build legos. I’m in high demand, folks.

    But, I can’t leave you all thinking that Cylas is having all the fun around here. Roma is making ripples too. Our newest addition has been giggling since she was a little over a month old. It’s sooo cute. But, she is too sneaky to let me catch her on film — already playing coy. I’ve tried on numerous occasions to catch this little giggle of hers and this was about as good as I could get.

    Does she cackle like you?

    The toy bee is hilarious.

    Can’t wait to see all of you.

    Aw Misha your kids are so adorable! Cy’s video of trying to catch the bee was too cute lol. And Roma giggling….Cant wait to see you all soon hopefully!

    Roma is so precious!!! I wish you all still lived in Cali:( We would totally have play dates. Cylas is adorable too!


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