28 Feb 2009, 12:41am

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    Ok, so I’m back home, for the time being. Have you ever noticed that when you’re absent from a place for very long coming back almost knocks you off kilter? I feel a little wobbly in my emotions and it’s disconcerting. My relief at being back home is almost palpable and I cringe at the thought of going back to where we’re staying for the next couple of years, but I also know that if we were to move back ‘home’ that I wouldn’t feel complete!! Do I sound like a woman or what? So, I feel like there are two rivers raging side by side in my bosom and it’s giving me ‘e-motion’ sickness. Everyone needs a break now and then from their ruts and we sure are getting a good one. This break is going to be about ten days long. I am determined to make the most of it. There are a billion photos to be snapped, a million memories to be made and SHOPPING to do. All of which I will take back with me to make my time sail by until our next visit. On our way into Sacramento, I stared out the plane window and got tears in my eyes knowing that I was going to be home. There is something comforting about being with your mom, sisters and little brother — being crammed into a small, two bedroom condo with my family never felt so good. My little boy is having so much fun with his Uncle Sky and D is making Sky’s WEEK by veggin’ out in front of the playstation, controller in hand playing Call of Duty 5. I love watching how their eyes turn glassy and they make silly, snorting noise while trying to get away from the Germans or the Russians or which ever country is the enemy at the moment. Weirdos.
    Now, it seems odd driving with more than two cars around. Seriously. It’s like I live in the middle of NO-where out there. I’m not used to hearing car traffic outside my window at night anymore. Having more than three restaurants to choose from for dinner is like heaven. And having dinner with old friends seems like a distant memory. Never let it be said that Cali isn’t my home — I love it here!

    i lived in Fresno for year. I didn’t care for it. Glad for you and HAPPY SHOPPING….LOL


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