1 Mar 2009, 2:31pm
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    Could it be that: growing up you never really understand the sacrifices made by your mom and dad for you? Your parents are under appreciated? Someday you’ll be in the same position to sacrifice for you own children? There is a reward from their selfless acts? That there is a chance you may never understand the depth of their sacrifices?
    All of these thoughts filled my mind early this morning as I lay in bed. Yesterday, I spent the afternoon with my mother buying food in preparation for a luncheon this afternoon. As we purchased food, exchanged thoughts on our plans I secretly observed my mom. Her face has wrinkles now. They appeared out of nowhere, it seems. Her eyes and mouth now have smile lines. The telltale signs of life and the survival of the many tests in her lifetime. There are many things I know that took place while I was still too young to understand. My mom did her best to protect me and my sisters. I may never understand all of her reasons, but I would like to thank her for doing what she thought best. Today, I am happily married to a wonderful man and have two beautiful, and I mean beautiful, children. I wonder if my happy marriage is a result of her sacrifice. I wonder if I can ever repay her for the opportunities created for me through her giving. Now, you may be wondering why I have only mentioned my mom and not my dad. My father is definitely no less important and I have a whole post to write on him as well, but this post is dedicated to my mother. The one who carried me in her womb for nine months, nurtured me through my toddlers years, taught me through my high school years, offered advice into my married years and is still giving…and giving.
    Thank you. And no, it will never be fathomable all of the things you gave up for me, but don’t doubt that it will come back to you one hundred fold.

    We can attempt to fathom a parents sacrifice but most people don’t even think about it until they become a parent then it dawn’s on them….wow! We wake up and realize alot about our parents as we become parents ourselves.
    I feel honored to have been blessed with the mother who raised me in the truth.

    WOW! Can I just say that your posting really hit home!! I how often thought about it being a mom to a teen and preteen. I feel so bad for my actions as a child/teen.

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    You are the best . . .
    the best mother, the best wife, the best cook. Most of all you love God and His ways.

    I know I had it rough growing up, but promised myself that I would raise you better that I had been raised. I did what I could despite the impossible circumstances.

    It warms my heart and I swell with pride as I watch you do a better job than I ever had a chance to do.

    13 Mar 2009, 10:41pm
    by Music Eloquence


    Beautiful!! This warms my heart.

    So beautifully said Misha.


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