12 Mar 2009, 4:20pm
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  • Of Food And Love: Internet relationships, texting and the weather

    Three seemingly unrelated topics but I beg to differ. Since moving to a state that is related to the Arctic circle, I’ve found myself indoors for at least 95% of this past winter. I might add that it’s spring and I’m STILL inside. Anyway, my poor child has been quarantined with me and is about to drive himself nuts. Well — he’s driving us both nuts. The only time he sees children is when I can muster up the strength to take us all to the library. Otherwise, he might get a fleeting glance at the neighbor children running across our lawn trying to get back inside before they freeze. He saw them one day and started screaming at them through our kitchen door. I felt so bad for him. He hadn’t seen another small person like himself in days. I wonder what that felt like. So, I stopped the neighbor and she took him over to play. How sweet. But, now, you’re wondering where the internet comes into play. The internet is MY playground. I find myself talking with people who I’ve known for a long time (in real life) and would other wise never have a relationship with. Now, I have fantastic friends with whom I play Scrabble, exchange advice and gossip about our motherly duties. And if I’m not communicating with these lovely women over the net, then I’m getting texts from my sisters and other good friends. As a matter of fact, one of the neighbor girls just texted me and we’re signing up for an aerobics class together. Cool, huh? Since when did I start cultivating all of these indoor virtual/ real relationships? Well, as soon as I realized that it would no longer take me ten minutes to get out the door. It now takes me closer to an hour. It is a long winding ride to the library and I have to find places to hide in between the bookshelves to nurse while trying to keep an eye on my VERY active two and a half year old. I suppose I would rather nurse while at the keyboard, listen to my son entertain himself in the next room and then make grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup for lunch. Ahh yes…the internet does serve a good purpose. And, my days look more like this now:

    12 Mar 2009, 6:41pm
    by Graceful Threads


    Aw! Your going through the *cant leave home much* season,I know that one well. What beautiful children. Blessings…

    Roma seems to like the action. Who needs the internet when you’ve got Cylas?

    Ha! I know just what you mean, Mish! It looks like a beautiful gorgeous day outside, until you open the door and you feel like your lungs freeze! I’ve been on the internet more the last 8 months than I’ve ever used it in my life. I’ve been getting into art and exercising more though, to keep myself from being totally a mush-brain. =D Love you TONS and can’t wait to see you sometime!!

    you won the candle on my blog! make sure to visit it and email me your address!!


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