17 Mar 2009, 4:07pm
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  • Of Food And Love: Diligence & California

    This is Cylas in the plane and during a lay over. A kind steward-man let him use the printing paper to draw on!
    Oh my. I would dare anyone who hasn’t, to try and poopy train a two and a half year old. You read that right…POOPY train. NOT potty train. My poor child has fallen under the firm belief that the toilet will swallow him up if he sets his little bootie on it. Coercion, bribery, threatening black mail — nothing has worked. Last night, he actually told us he needed to poop. So, we clapped and danced and ran to the toilet. He sat there like something was REALLY going to happen this time. *Pooot* That’s all that happened. And that was after two minutes. D is such a good papa. He sat on the floor, at the base of the toilet, hugging Cy to reassure him that the toilet monsters would not suck him down into their dirty clutches. It was a big to do…about nothing. But, it was a start! I really hope that our diligence pays off and he motivates himself to continue poopy training(he’s got the potty part taken care of). I mean come on…he’s half way there!I should have written the moment we got home. But we slept in for almost a week straight and are still messed up on our schedule. I haven’t had a nap in SO long it pains me to think on it. But back to the topic. California. It was great! The feeling of being home was euphoric. I didn’t want to leave. It felt so natural to be there. The first couple of days were somewhat of a whirlwind because of all the traffic. I’m so used to being on the highway and having MAYBE three cars behind me. You think I’m lying? Come and visit me…you’ll see. So, we started our stay off at my mom’s place. It was so nice. My little brother and D played vid games and I rendezvoused with old friends. My mom fixed some hearty meals and I kicked my legs up. For the latter part of our stay we crashed at the Cianchetta’s. They let us use their guest house. Not only did they let us use their guest house but they let us party in the big house! We invited over our good friends and had pizzas, rice krispy treats and cookies…mmm!

    20 Mar 2009, 7:26pm
    by ~Giselle~


    I am from California too, San Diego. I actually now live in WV near PA… It is a big change isn’t it! Glad you had a good time

    Good luck on the "poopy-training"!! With my 4 year old, Dylan, I did not even start potty training until he was about 2 years, 10 months. (His baby brother, Maddox, was born when he was 2 years, 4 months. So I waited until we were settled in with the new baby before I even started.) He was trained in one month (pee & poopy!) & out of night time diapers one week before 3rd birthday. So, my advise is, they will do it when they are ready. Soon, it will just happen and you can add it to your "since when" list! Good luck, hope it gets easier soon. My Maddox will be 2 in May so I am getting close to potty-training all over again – AAAAH! :)

    Hey Misha, just to add to last comment – he was out of night-time diaper by 3 but would have accidents here & there. We just started a routine of he HAS to go potty no matter what before he goes to bed. Once we got that into the bedtime routine, he did really well and sleeps through most nights without having to get up & go potty. But I have heard a lot of kids have a hard time with the night time potty, so don't feel like you have to rush it. Sometimes we (all mother's) feel pressured by other mommy's stories! By waiting until Dylan was 2year, 10 months I got those looks & comments "When you gonna start potty-training him?" hehe! I would say, "When he is ready." But I really think it goes a lot easier when you wait til they're ready! The story of Dylan's potty-training days sounds good now, but when going through it, it was tough. Hang in there Mommy, soon he will potty-trained like a little pro! :)


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