24 Mar 2009, 1:09pm
cylas romalise


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    The rate at which my little ones are growing continuously astounds me. As most of you know, we’re raising our children to be bilingual. Cy’s bookshelves are full of Russian and English books alike. He has books and songs on tape in both languages as well. However, as a result of being raised with two languages his speech can be muddled at times and his sentences are a babble of Russian and English mixed together. Now, our little Roma is not speaking — yet. But, she is never too far from a laugh and it just warms me to the core. So, what I want to know is this…
    Since when did:
    Roma start to arch her little back in effort to roll over and see the world
    Cylas start saying things like: Mom, I like dis!
    Cylas start running to the toilet on his own telling me, “Mommy, I go potty”.
    Cylas start trying to read on his own. He will take his finger and run it over the words making sounds and creating a beautiful story all on his own.
    Roma begin to hold her up and look around
    Roma grow out of her 3-6 month clothes?? She’s only 4 months.
    Roma’s feet start touching the floor when she’s in her bouncer
    Cylas’ hands get big enough to hold a spoon properly
    Cylas start wearing 3T??
    Roma’s naps get shorter
    Roma get coordinated enough to grab her binky out of her mouth

    All of these amazing changes happening rapidly yet in perfect time. It’s almost like each stage lasts just long enough to make me think I’m going to go crazy. Then over night they grow out of it and a new level is reached. And so the cycle is continued.

    24 Mar 2009, 2:56pm
    by Faith Maria Lopez


    ahhhh I miss you guys so much I was just thinking yesterday that I need to fly out again before Italy! I need to see you and the babies… Oh I can’t forget about David lol.

    24 Mar 2009, 7:15pm
    by Jana Floyd


    I gobble up every post on Cy & Roma thinking how I will be experiencing all this soon!! Right now it's just little fluttery kicks in my tummy. :)

    Aw your kids are really really cute, Misha! That’s awesome that you’re teaching them to be bilingual. Aydin and I plan to do that with our kids, too. (But I’ve gotta learn Turkish completely myself, first! ha!)

    24 Mar 2009, 9:35pm
    by Kimberly’s blog


    Misha I could not stop reading. You catch me wher I am at… I clung to your every word I am so excitied about your family. I loved the story about the pot luck you attended. HAHAHA love ya girl hope you are doing well.

    31 Mar 2009, 4:38pm
    by Samantha and Stephanie


    my response to every line is….i know!!?? and too wonder…since when! i’d like to say it slows down…but it doesnt…i need brakes as we travel down this road!! going/growing toooo fast!


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